2015 sets -- better or worse than expected?

Given we've all been intensely analyzing the newest set leaks, I wanted to ask this question:

Are the newest set images better or worse than you were expecting?

How well do you think they compare against other CCBS builds?

Against G1 sets?

I'd like to hear what everyone else's opinions are. I think they look better than I was expected, and at least some of them are as good as G1 sets.


I honestly never thought much on the sets themselves, but seeing the possibility of there being gears, I'm super anxious to see what the new sets might have.

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Well I was expecting Lewa and Onua to be a bit better than what I saw...

For the most part they look similar to what I expected (basically, modified Hero Factory style), but if they do indeed have gear functions, I'd say better than expected.

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They have indeed surpassed my expectations! The aesthetics of the pieces (especially the new armor piece) look very reminiscent of the old BIONICLE style, featuring a very detailed and intricate pattern that reminds me of the original Toa Mata torso.

The builds look like a definite step-up from the last several years of Hero Factory, and if functions are returning (in ANY capacity), then they have definitely exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds.

I don't even like gear functions that much! I think they detract from the sets' posability and often times amount to little more than a gimmick. Even with that being said, I appreciate the effort and ingenuity on Lego's part as far as adding functions back into the CCBS.


I don't really care about the build of the actually sets. I just want new cool parts and that's my motive. so far, they surpassed my expectation and the way the bio armor has gaps for 2 colour combinations is amazing!


I wasn't expecting much, but I have been pleasantly surprised with how much I'm hyped for Kopaka.


I'm still awaiting official pictures to pass final judgement.


I like how the new sets look, the only part I really don't like is Gali's mask.

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I have to 100% agree with Meso, when I look at Tahu, he looks like a very solid set and looks like it would look good on a shelf while also being fun to play with. It's first impressions are WAY better than what Hero Factory had.


I'm going to spit this out right now - I hate Onua's hammer.

Now, before I get bashed for this, let me explain. The thing is, why would an earth dweller - someone who needs to tunnel quickly through earth and dirt - be carrying a hammer? TBH, it would make much more sense if Pohatu carried the hammer. It's a very neat design, but it just doesn't seem appropriate for Onua - I'd rather he had drill-like weapons or claws.

As for Gali's mask, while I don't mind it either way, I think it would only fit best if this was a continuation - then, the explanation of Adaptive Armor can be used for it. As a reboot, it's just sort of... creepy.

Pohatu's colors are weird. I'm hoping that the set has actually developed a bit past the prelim image. Having only parts of him be trans-yellow - as opposed to all or none - would be unfortunate. However, his boomerangs are legit - never again will I hear him without an Australian accent :stuck_out_tongue:

Tahu is and always will be my favorite. And this is definitely, IMO, his best representation. The lava board is BRILLIANT!

I'm not going to go into major detail about them all, just wanted to say those few things. Overall, I would say that the sets are just as good as, if not better than, I expected them to be.

And I agree with everything Meso says :wink:


With the exception of Onua (bit too bulky), I think they're all pretty nice.

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One thing I'm actually confused about is that Tahu is holding weapons, but the surf board can also be held as two weapons. I'm wondering how that works.

Tahu has 4 swords, that's awesome in the scale of pure epicness and impracticality.


These sets went above and beyond for me. And the possibility of gears being included? I think the Hype train just passed light speed.

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Almost all of those sets but Tahu, Onua and Kopaka somewhat (Kopaka is somewhat because of The Leeeegs) are good but the rest are Horrible.
Look at fire and ice protecter they just have this piece for the arm and no short bone piece to add with it like the others, also the Fire Protecter look like he the one with the worst build out of all of them. Gali don't even look like Gali but a different character (and she look like a man again) and the black over runs the blue. Lewa became a cyberman and I don't get why he have the BA swords on his weapon.
Pohatu became the Master of urine and poop (not joking look at the colors) along with the protecter and the silver over runs his main color. The only thing I see good in this are the parts plus I think people are mainly hype for this is because it just have the name Bionicle on it.

Also will Lego stop copying Half-Life headcrabs

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The fire protector was a letdown with his weapons.


Mixed feelings. I don't care for CCBS in general, but if you compare these sets to those of the original Bionicle, there's not much difference in complexity. I just really don't like the appearance of CCBS and I can't explain why. Overall, they're a bit better than expected, but I'm very disappointed in Pohatu and Lewa, with their low parts count and generic CCBS look.

Also, I'd like to note that the protectors don't appear to be using a regular bone torso, but rather a custom technic one. This is especially prevalent in the fire protector, and I'm pretty happy about it.

I feel you man. Similar thoughts here.

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Needs more mask packs. How am I supposed to make Takua without a blue Pakari?


As a genuine question, why does Gali get so much hate? What
exactly is wrong with her mask? Why do people hate on every aspect of a set
just because it doesn't happen to resemble its older counterpart?

From a set-design standpoint, I for one like this:

Better than this:

Is the new set a carbon-copy of the old set? No, and that's good, if I was gonna buy a $15.00 set, I wouldn't want a re-release of Gali Mata.

I wasn't the hugest fan of Lewa-The-Cyberman when I first saw the recently leaked images, but it's grown on me.
I don't see why we should hate everything about a set just because it doesn't bear much resemblance to the first iteration.

(Please take into account that everything I have said written the way it is is because I
have almost no nostalgia filter regarding BIONICLE, the closest I can get to
true nostalgia is 2007.)