2016 Toa Set Mods

Just got the sets today, for some reason Scotland is really late in getting them. While I’ve been waiting, I’ve been planning on what changes I wanted to make to the sets, as I didn’t like the designs on some of them.
So, here they are:

I didn’t like the asymmetry on her, I thought the armour stuck out at some funny angles. upper-arm, variant on Pohatu, Lower-leg, lewas.

basically Lewa’s build. I have hated since the reboot that Pohatu, whose G1 gimic was kicking, has never recived custom legs. I like him better like this and I think he suits it.

Onua’s Build, I wanted to keep the gold shoulderpads, thought it was a bit weird how the only gold was on his shins.

Pohatu’s build. I think it suits him better.

Kopaka’s build. I really didn’t like the shull rib cage armour and I was kind of sick of the hammer since my 2015 revamp had one so I changed it up.
Group shot

A small note- I never changed a thing about Tahu. I really never thought I would like him, but as it turns out, his build was, fro me, pretty much perfect.
As always, criticism, comments and suggestions are always welcomed.


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