2019 Theme... Good or Bad?

Since Ninjago, LEGO has tried to make similar themes, with Chima and Nexo Knights. Now that Nexo Knights has ended, we know a new theme is comming to replace it in 2019. (remeber that Nexo Kinghts was supposed to replace Chima). So, now the question rises: WILL THIS NEW THEME BE ANY GOOD? both Chima and Nexo Knights were bad (even though i liked both of them, this is what most people think), so, will this theme be in competition with Ninjago, or will just and quickly end like Nexo Knights? This theme is a original LEGO theme, not a licenced theme. (OverWatch rumor is separatly from this). And if it turns out to be a licenced theme, then LEGO is not heading in the good way…

Anyways, here are some of my speculations about this upcomeing theme:
Ninjago’s origins come from the Ninja theme from 1998 and 1999,
Chima’s origins were from (Fabulad?)
And Nexo Knights was clearly originated from the 2004-2006 Knights’ Kingdom theme
So, my speculations are that an old theme will be revived in the form of a TV show, with a little SCI-FI addition.

Possible options:

  • LEGO Pirates, but in the form of TV show, and similar to Nexo Knights
  • LEGO Agents. With the New Mission: Imposible Fallout movie which just came out, they might try to take advantge of that in a way or another. LEGO Ultra Agents ended in 2015, so It’s a good time to revive that in a form of a TV Show
  • LEGO Racers: The speed champions theme is not selling very well as far as I know, so they might try to return to it’s old of real Racers Roots.

These are just a few things that came into my mind. Of course, it could be a totally new concept that we have never seen before, but only time will tell.

Post your thoguhts or what you would like to see return in the commnets below.


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