2059: The Dark Reflection

Oliver stops

The knight quickly barges into him with the heavy shield

Oliver falls to the ground

The knight stomps on his leg

Oliver struggles but gets up

The knight kicks him as he tries to rise

Oliver grabs the knight’s leg mid kick

The knight swings his axe into the arm while pressing down with his foot

Oliver falls but stabs his sword at the knight

The sword partially strikes but is mostly blocked by the armour, the knight retorts by bring the gigantic kite shield down on Oliver

Oliver grabs the sheild… barely, he forces it up, straining all the way

The knight notices that Oliver is preoccupied and releases the shield kicking it onto his prone body

Oliver is pushed far back, he climbs up and starts circling the arena

The knight tosses his axe to the floor and assumes a hand to hand fighting style

Oliver rips away the tattered rags he’d once called a ■■■■■ and dropped his weapons, Oliver was better at hand to hand than what he deemed as ‘archaic’ weaponary

“Fight like every day is your last. The strong kill the weak, that is the endless struggle of life.”

Oliver stands patiently, in a fighting stance

“If you cannot fight then you shall perish and by extension those you wish to protect”

“Oliver!” A woman in the crowd calls, it was Molly! “Don’t worry about him, get out of here!”
“Silence girl!” Ben orders “Maybe I should bring the tougher boys in, see how they rip your American friend to pieces?”

“No!” Barks the knight “Are you but honourless dogs!? I am to fight this man.”