2059: The Dark Reflection

“In sport like this, there is no such thing as honour!”

“A duel is the pinnacle of honour”

The mummy hissed as he was partially burned by the heat. He turned around to face the direction from which he was attacked.

A woman strides confidently down the alley, a sword held in each hand. In a moment, the mummy will be in range of those swords.

Who are you?! How dare you intrude!” the mummy angrily croaked to the woman, even as her blades inched closer to him. He would now be in the range of the woman’s weapons.

They would arrive in a short time.

Richard smiled as he watched Tempest and the others arrive.
“Ah, you finally came!” He said in satisfaction.

As The Survivors fought, a mysterious device rolled into the room.

Bruce and Katrina stood together in the group, watching silently.
“I hope our kids are going to be safe while we’re gone.” Katrina murmured to Bruce.
“Ah, they’ll be fine. Mark and Sadie’s kids are with them. Plus, they have powers.”
Katrina nodded.

Tempest replies in a snarky tone,
“Yes, I guess exist, so I came.”

“Nothing personal bud; it’s just my job.” The woman barely completes her comment before taking a swing at the mummy, leading into a quick flurry of cuts and slashes, mostly direct at its torso.

OOC: please pay attention, they have not been fighting.
IC: A sniper shot rung out as the object was immobilised

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As Ben distracts the knight, Oliver walks towards the knight

The knight turned to face his opponent.
“Fight or die.”

Oliver revealed his sword

The knight remained in his fighting stance

As the device was hit, a cloud of a yellow gas spewed out. Everyone in that room better have been wearing gas masks.

“Anyways, now that we’re all here, we need to discuss what these evil versions of ourselves may be after.”

Meanwhile, Jack and Mary and Logan and Sophia were playing.

OOC/IC: laughter

Soon, heavy footsteps would follow afterwards. Something was coming down the hallway.

As the laughter died down weapons were set up and aimed

Suddenly a squad of three armored soldiers dropped into the room, guns loaded. They all wore Plague masks, and had a large, menacing form. They appeared to be mutants of sorts.
They were The Scourge.

The Scourge began opening fire on them.