2059: The Dark Reflection

One had his head gently splayed open by a sniper round as it entered while the rest were cut apart by the sheer wall of firearms

Even though they fell, the Scourge was far from dead.
Their bodies started reforming and regenerating, and one dove at Psycho with a dagger.

Psycho grabbed it by the skull as it dove at him letting the dagger sink into him, he then proceeded to crush said skull with his hands as the others got to work dismembering the bodies

Oliver drops his sword

Bruce and Katrina nodded.
“Right. Any chance they want world domination?”

The trampoline, one without a net, was dangerously close to the edge. Logan was bouncing happily, until he shot high into the air and over the edge.

“If that’s the case, then why our world instead of theirs?” Mark asked.

Jack, seeing Logan fly off the trampoline, instantly teleported through the shadows and caught him in his arms.
“Are you okay, little fella?” He asked.

“Maybe they don’t have a world.” Katrina suggested.

Logan inexplicably flew straight through Jack’s arms, and plummeted downwards out of sight.

Jack gulped.
“I spoke too soon.”
He bewhilderedly looked around for Logan.

“It could be posdible.” Richard said to Katrina. “But then why our world? What’s so special?”

Logan was standing right behind Jack with a huge smile on his face, and Sophie was snickering.
“Ta-daaaa!” He said, spreading his arms.

Katrina shrugged. “There are infinite reasons. We should do reconnaissance, and find out more.”

Jack and Mary stared at Logan and Sophia, mouths gaped open in a shocked gaze.
“Wha-how did you…” Mary stuttered, trying to find words.

“Now the question is, where are they going?” Said Mark.

“My double wants me dead, that’s for sure.”

“They also kidnapped my wife.” Mark commented.
“But why they did, I’m not sure…”

“I can telepot!” Logan exclaimed.

ooc: I spelled that intentionally.

Jack and Mary stifled a snicker, looking at each-other
“Really? You can…TELEPOT?!” Jack said as the pair burst into laughter.

Logan teleported behind them. “Mommy taught me that word. It’s big.”
Sophie watched with a smile on her face.

“Alright, just try not to ‘telepot’ anymore. It’s our job to babysit you two.” Jack said to Sophia and Logan.

“I can’t.” Sophie said. “Only Logan can.”
Logan nodded and smiled widely, teleporting next to Sophie.

Jack facepalmed.
“Oh boy, this is going to be long day…”

“Can we have cookies?” Asked Logan.
“Daddy always says no. He says that we don’t need more shugar.”

Jack and Mary nodded in agreement.