2059: The Dark Reflection

“Is that a yes?” Logan asked, tilting his head.

“…No.” Jack answered.

Logan made a sad face, then smiled.
“Okay! What now?”

“You needn’t discard your weapon”

The group of four listened carefully to the situation. It had not occurred to them that this had happened on such a large scale. Xano was already mumbling several contingencies he had planned and Resonate conversed his own.

In the underground crater… more and more of the concrete ceiling would collapse and soon light from the sky as a pothole appeared in a main road. Anything above this crater was going to collapse and very soon. A small spherical being popped into existence. It was Unexpected and it looked around seeing the crater. There was a trace of Ignotium Energy and it was going to find out what had happened.

Unexpected would feel the lingering but strong presence of another energy around him: Xalnergy.

Katrina patted Mark’s shoulder consolingly.
“We’ll find her, Mark.”
Bruce nodded. “It’s what we do best.”

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Mark nodded solemnly. “I’m sure we will…”

“They want us to go after them, they wouldn’t have taken someone so close to you if they didn’t.” Caesar paused for a second.
“That or they’re idiots.”

"That’s a plausible theory, but what if they wanted her as a component in their plan?’ Richard suggested.

Unexpected scowls and determines what his next plan would be. First things first he does the unexpected. The street above him was crumbling and now it was falling upwards? Strange things were happening on this main street, surely someone would noticed the collapsing street start to fall upwards.

Civilians in the nearby area started scattering in fear and confusion.

“Alright, Alright…” Oliver grumbles, picking up his sword

“Now. Fight”


The soldiers’ body parts began reforming and regenerating. They reassembled themselves into jagged, wobbly forms and charged at Psycho with their guns.

Unexpected would suddenly feel a great disturbance in the area around him, on all planes and dimensions of existence.

Oliver steadily walks towards the knight

The id turns around at rapid speed to face what was causing the disturbance.

The knight seems to kneel

He would see nothing.

Then, suddenly, the mysterious feeling would then be felt from directly behind Unexpected.

Unexpected did the unexpected and disappeared, simply by having the light bend around him. He didn’t change what the light did, simply just changed what direction it went in.

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