2059: The Dark Reflection

The figure clenched his fists.
you’re not getting away from me that easily… he thought, and he acted as if he didn’t see where Unexpected had gone.
“Where did he go?!” He shouted out loud in an (intentionally) frustrated-sounding voice.

Oliver circled him

“Well what powers does she have? What powers does her double have, or any of the evil versions of us for that matter?”

Unexpected watched where he heard the voice, and instead did something unexpected and seemingly made the voice quieter. He did this by redirecting the sounds waves until they lost most of their energy and lowered the volume. This might surprise Unexpected’s attacker, as his voice would come out as if it was a whisper.

The figure raised a brow. something was obviously messing with him. He immediately stormed towards the direction of the trajectory of his own voice, attempting to find or grasp at some invisible object.


“Sadie can manipulate and travel through The Shadows. I also noticed that my own evil self had shadow powers as well. That could have something to do with it…” said Mark slowly.

The knight Continued to kneel

The Scourge proceeded to charge straight at Psycho like a mad bull.


Psycho grabbed them by the torso and slammed them into the ground, he drove a hand into their body and began ripping out chunks of meat, tissue, bone and other parts. The scourge was left a messy heap of parts.
“Dismember them.” Grunted the massive soldier

The Scourge’s parts mysteriously began smoking…

“Where should we start looking for the doppelgangers?” Mark asked the others.

Bruce tapped his chin, thinking.
“Maybe in the… dingier, more… ‘evil’ parts of town?” He suggested. “Abandoned warehouses, stuff like that.”

And into the garbage they go as psycho tosses them into a dumpster

Oliver walked steadily towards him

Millie cracked open a cheap coffee, it wasn’t even that nice, it was just relatively affordable, times had been rough since she’d quit being a police detective

The Scourge’s remains suddenly spontaneously combusted, exploding in a poof of fire.

“That’s entirely possible. Maybe we should search there.” Richard said.

The figure dove on Unexpected’s direction. Although he couldn’t see unexpected, he could still “sense” him.

“You fell for it.”
The knight tosses a handful of sand into Oliver’s face

The two groups looked out at the literal dumpster fire

“I’m absolutely terrible at finding people, so I don’t object. Even though that seems obvious enough that they won’t be there.”
OOC: where are we right now? As in where this is being discussed.

Oliver dodges, but sand is left in his hair

Meanwhile, Millie searches the dingiest areas of New Evo, She is wearing a hoodie and a mask to hide her face, she was also holding her gun, very tightly

This is in the town park.

“It’s still worth a try. We can leave no stone unturned.” Mark said.

Kyro nodded in agreement

Caesar finally noticed the man who looked almost exactly like the Kyro he knew even though he was there the whole time, as if he were reading a topic on a message board and didn’t look back far enough to know who all the characters in the scene were.
“Oh! Umm… why are you here?”

“Don’t worry, he’s with us.” Mark said.

The figure seemed like he had given up, looking in a different direction than Unexpected’s actual location.
Then suddenly, he lurched towards the id, beginning to project an inescapable Xalnergy shield around the being.