2059: The superhero revolution (RP series Sign ups)

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O no, Renegade though…
He’s like the only one who’ll be affected…

Big oof.

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Well I’m boned.


What if he’s attacked by something that has no red or black, but just to happend to be summoned by a red dude?

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It would be easier to dodge like anything also that’s red or black. The reason he has this weird ability in the first place is because the Magic card he’s based on has Hexproof from red and black, meaning it can’t be that target of spells or abilities of that color, and if I followed that 100% then red and black things would automatically miss Fiendslayer Paladin, which would be utterly broke in this context.

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In your complete consumption of hilarious cliches you’ve accidentally created the perfect counter to Dr. Skull. Wow.

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Oh, I thought it was to counter the “edgy evil person” color scheme, based on his other abilities.

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yeah, I thought it was to counter the stereotypical demon colors

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Name: William Jenkins
Alias: President Jenkins of the United States Of America
Gender: Male
Alignment: Hero (but he’s a sleazy politician with a lot of dark secrets so it’s really unknown)
Affiliation(s): Republican
Generation: Old-Timers
Powers/abilities: He’s the president meaning he has a lot of power

Personality/Bio: William is the president of the United States, he is firm and slightly fair but he’s not really a fan of superheroes, he doesn’t mind Mayor Austin and is mostly a minor character, he thinks that cops should be the ones stopping super villains and not heroes, he sees them all as terrorists but is not too afraid to ask for help

#NOTE: Like the cops and Melania, anyone can use him with my permission

2 op pls n3rf


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Because Michael did it and I wanted to keep with the theme


In my defence your two main characters are UN Soldiers who look like their out of CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege (they are cool though)

I was more inspired by rainbow six siege

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That makes sense, but aren’t they in the special air service

I just have a memey resentment towards anime

@TheOnlyGuyWhoLikesMistika No they are Ukranian so originally they were designed to be Berkut

Their designs were heavily influenced by riot police and the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games

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I didn’t vote for him

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And yet you are in a gundam rp