2059: The superhero revolution (RP series Sign ups)

I like mechs… though I prefer mechwarrior style mechs

not all are anime characters

Sorry I meant humans

filthy xenos

This suit of Armor was built by Bruce in the RP because of a Vision he has experienced of a massive scale Alien Invasion coming to Earth and he has tried to build the most efficient armor he could to prepare himself for this upcoming attack.

Name: Model Prime Armor, Prime Armor.

Appearance: (Credit goes here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/kzJ1A)

Armor Features

The Armor features even more advanced nanotechnology compared to Jack Reacher’s past and new armor, to which it not only forms modules but allows for the suit to generate energy fields. The composition consists of Smart Gold-Titanium Nano-Particles, giving the armor greater adaptability, durability, power and flexibility combination.


The Suit can be deployed and disintegrated within seconds. The Prime Armor is stored inside the detachable heart-shaped Arc reactor.

Neurological Control Interface

The Prime Armor is controlled via Neuro-Interface circuitry on the backside of the Arc Reactor and inner-most armor layer. The operator does not need to rely on internet or A.I. support to operate the armor at full capacity.

Armor Capabilities:

Super Strength

The armor amplifies the user’s base strength and combat skills to extreme levels. Allowing the wearer to fight powerful beings up close.


The armor is extremely durable, capable of withstanding blasts and extremely powerful strikes, as well as being completely bulletproof.

Airtight Seal

The suit is able to contain and separate the suit’s inner environment (including the wearer) from the outside environment. This includes both underwater, gas, radiation, and space. The suit is also capable of self-supplying breathable air to the wearer if the outside environment is unable to reliably supply any.

Anti-Phasing Tech

The armor has a completely sealed surface which prevents any sort of exposure to the armor’s internal machines. The nano-particles vibrate with a blazing fast frequency which prevents beings phasing through and getting into the armor.

Surface Reforming/Augmentation

The suit is capable of forming external modules that include lighting refocuser (which can be charged if a lightning or electricity user is near by to charge it up and fire concentrated beams of light which can lock on to the target and fire) and different forms of energy blades and energy shields.

High-Velocity Flight

The Prine Armor can achieve hyper-velocity flight at full flight power with extremely powerful thrusters formed from both boots, the armor is, most likely, able to travel so fast it can reach Mach 10.

Extreme Portability

The suit can manifest itself from the new detachable Arc reactor, which also works as a nano-particle container. It can be deployed in “Limited” mode forming likely any other part depending on the situation.

External Nano-structure Deployment

The suit is most likely capable of shooting some of its armor material to form structures to accomplish a wide variety of tasks, such as clams, tools, and so on.

Weapons and Tools:


The standard weapons of the suit. These repulsors in power rival those of Jack’s nano repulsor cannons. Repulsors can be formed on the back of the suit, offering more offense but draining energy rapidly.


The unibeam is fired from the center chest RT. Given the energy output of this model, it is most likely the most powerful repulsor tech on the suit.

Formed Weapons and Tools

The Prime Armor can form a wide variety of weapons and tools, some of which include a blowtorch, extra repulsors, an energy refocuser, energy shield, and a gauntlet sword.

Shoulder Formed Micro-Missile Launcher

The Prime Armor can form Micro-Missile launchers on its shoulder plates and gauntlets. When fired they can achieve a powerful effect on impact.

Medical Suture Spray

A special spray of unknown composition stored in the gauntlets of the suit can be used to help seal and heal wounds much faster. It also doubles as a quick repair method for ship hulls.

[details=Repulsor Lighting Refocuser]The Repulsor Lighting Refocuser is a weapon that appears on his back which can absorb lightning and electricity and refocus it and disburses it into concentrated powerful beams.

This is how it should normally look like when activated, I posted this image just in case someone had any questions about it.


Cloaking mode

A while back, Katrina gave him a cloak which enabled Bruce to go invisible and now he finally found a chance to properly use it, he has implanted the cloaking technology in the suit and now it can turn him invisible and it also has a small EMP which disturbs the frequency of any other cloaking seekers and detectors, however, it can only help him so much if he is not battling or forming any other weapon and remains stealthy during that period of time, if he is to interact in battle and shoot the cloak would reveal his position.


Bruce has tried to work to find a way to permanently get rid of the EMP, sonic attacks, and nanotech frequency. While he may have found a way, it is very limited, he can endure the first time but if prolonged exposure to them and it becomes a real problem and the counter system wouldn’t work anymore, leaving his armor vulnerable.

Armor Profile:

[details=Armor Profile]Designer / Creator: Bruce Morgan
Users: Bruce Morgan
Affiliations: The Destiny Knights
Mark Number: Mark 1 Prime Armor
Armor Class: Special Suit
Armor Type: Nano-Tech Armor
Armor Color: Silver
Armor Height: User’s height
Status: Active[/details]

[details=Armor Data]Power Core: New Element Arc Reactor Mark V
Armor Systems: Mercy A.I./OS
Energy Displacer sentries
Energy Blades
Battering Rams
Energy Displacer cannons
Automatic Repulsor Cannons
Nano Shields
Nano Foot Unibeam
Power Mallets
Foot Clamps
Nano Katar
Zero Cannons
Repulsor Lighting Refocuser
Energy Shield
Cloaking mode
Energy/incapacitating/Bullet Ammunition Guns [/details]

[details=Armor Composition]Smart Gold-Titanium Nano-Particles(Active/HUD Glasses)
Smart Gold-Titanium Nano-Fiber(Inactive)[/details]

[details=Armor Capabilities]Real Time Thermo/X-ray scanning and tracking
Superhuman Strength
Superhuman Durability
Augment Generation
Airtight Pressure Seal
Hyper-Velocity Flight[/details]

[details=Special Features]Nanotechnology
Infra Scan/Eagle Vision
Deformable Helmet
Stabilizing thrusters
Surface Reforming
External Nanostructure Deployment
Nano Material Redirection
Nano Material State Control
Limited Deployment Mode[/details]

[details=The New Element Arc Reactor Mark V ]This is the most advanced Reactor designed by Bruce. This heart shaped reactor capable of not only working as power source of armor suit but also being capable of storing the Nano-particles necessary in forming of not only the Prime Armor but all the modules needed depending on situation. The Reactor also works in conjunction to bigger more efficent Micro-RTs to provide better power distribution and powering new formed modules which increases the power of Prime Armor.



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Maybe a couple of infinite empire soldiers, ten at best: BUT

He would be ultimate against the sunset monster




Name: Sheila
Alias: Sheila
Gender: Female
Alignment: none/neutral
Affiliation: none
Generation: new
Powers/abilities: Sheila is a robot. Because of this her metal body is very dificult to damage. In addition she has a multitude of hidden tools and abilities that she is unaware of, and that may be discovered over time.

(Ignore the drones)

Artist credit

Bio: Shelia was made to do good, and protect those who could not protect themselves. Unfortunately her creator died before he could tell her of her noble purpose. Since then she’s been wandering around with little purpose or direction. She has a fair amount of playful snark and sarcasm, but is also very impressionable.

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Accepted. Join anytime.

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Name: Inopinatum Tenebrarius

Alias: Unexpected, Karma

Species: id

Gender: none

Alignment: mystery id

Affiliation: Unexpected

Generation: ancient


Unexpected Change

Unexpected Change does a few things. It mainly can the effect of another person’s abilities, and/or powers. However, this is not a blatant change, for example, Unexpected cannot change a fire-based power into an ice-based power. The changes he makes would be to make the power more specific, such as the target and some slight small changes to the power. For example if Unexpected was against Tempest, and Tempest was firing his plaeg cannon at Unexpected, Unexpected could change half the plasma to quasi-plasma. Which quasi-plasma is a plasma that uses Primordial Energy as its base. This effect would cause the beam of plasma energy to split apart, as the two plasma beams would repel each other, and at worst the energy beam would fade all together. He can even cause a power to automatically target himself, in which case when the power/ability is targeting him it is not as hindered as it would be in other cases. The power lasts 100 posts for the party that was affected by Unexpected.

Body Reform

Unexpected can change his body’s shape and size, and protects him against most temperature, he can get pretty close to a star if he wanted to. Yes, he can reform his “hands” into weapons and other shapes and forms.

[details=Emotive Armor] The strength or hardness of his body is dependent of how he is feeling.

Sad (7 Mohs)
Uninterested / Bored / Neutral (10 Mohs)
Happy (12 Mohs)
Anger / Hate / Strife / Grief (75 Mohs)
Content [and any other unlisted emotion] (15 Mohs)[/details]


One of the most significant ids in the Universe, as he is probably the most proactive. Unexpected wanders around the realms aimlessly and often pops in to see the worlds that is there. He came here as to see how humanity is fairing since he last saw them in their beginnings.


Was Depth Charge accepted?

Accepted. Join anytime.

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Name: Eric
Species: Kra-Matoran
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Affiliation: N/A
Generation: N/A
Powers/Abilities: Shadow Bolts, owner of the Mysterious Tower

Personality: Reserved

Location Name: Mysterious Tower
Abilities: Reality Warping, teleportation
Function: You touch it, get put into a bunch of challenges, and if you succeed you get a reward and if you don’t do you get kicked out completely fine.
Appearance: A tall, dark grey monolith extending out of the ground.

Name: H.U.M.A.N.
Race: AI
Alignment: Neutral
Affiliation: Eric
Generation: N/A

Powers/Abilities: Can create a separate pocket dimension or impose the pocket dimension over an area in the main dimension where he controls the rules of reality. This takes a lot of focus and energy, but due to him being an advanced A.I. he can easily process the amount of information needed. He also has a teleportation field to redirect attacks, and can teleport himself and others. His battery life limits how much he can use his powers, but if the Tower is nearby, H.U.M.A.N. can use it for an endless energy source. He also has similar properties to the Tower, being unable to be scanned or entered unwillingly nor be effected by elemental powers
Bio: Primarily runs the Tower, leaving Eric to do more detailed oriented work or simple not deal with the tower.


what does H.U.M.A.N. stand for?


I had an acronym for it that I made for it

It’s more of a reference to a song than anything else


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The killers?

Nah, Highly Suspect


Oh no

The troublemakers from IoM


What’s this?

Island Of Mystery