30 minute MOC: Tigerra

Hello guys! This time around I’m not presenting you a Mixel MOC, but a very particular Bionicle one instead.

After seeing the great 30 minute MOCs of Play Stippling, I decided to try to build one myself, and this is the result.

I challenged myself only to use spare parts from the huge official Makuta combiner model, and use a uniter torso frame.

Since the MOC started to look a lot like a Bionicle tiger lady, I decided to call her Tigerra.

The black claws really help to evoke thst tiger vibe I think.

The build is fairly simple, but I’ll give you “informative” shots anyway.

A “normal” pose.




And a closeup of the mask. I think that the uniter mask of fire gives slight tiger vibes too.

And there you go! Please, let me know what you think of this creation and leave a like!


Heck yeah ! Still as awesome as Ever!

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looks really nice! and after building this and makuta, what’s left?

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All this stuff.


I challenge you to do another challenge
if that little Umarak doesn’t count


This is really cool. I love the sharp aesthetics. The arms look really neat and creative. My only suggestion is to change the feet to something smaller.


Could you feasibly make Mask Maker Makuta using the spare parts from the combiner?

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Looks nice

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Wow, this is pretty good, and makes me actually want to buy all the necessary sets (to build Makuta) to do this sort of thing. (Out of the spare parts)

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@Folk yeah thanks!

@Asriel ok, I’ll do a new challenge when I come back from holiday.

@SwagMeister thanks a lot!

@Perp3tual unfortunately no, there aren’t enough parts (for example there’s just a ball joint).

@Calebmar12 thanks!

@Hutere thanks! If you want to build this one in particular I can show you how to make it.

This is really cool! I especially like that other people are doing the thirty minute Moc challenge. But I have a question. What official makuta combination model?

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First of all, thanks!

The Makuta combiner model I’m talking about is the Journey to one version:

There are pictures of the build here.


You need both Umaraks, Ikir, Tahu and Onua Uniters, LOSS, and Ekimu vs Kulta.


That’s awesome! But where did people find the instructions? Or did they just use pictures from different angles?

The “instructions” were provided by a Lego Designer because of the huge amount of requests for instructions for it. If you want to have the Mask of Ultimate Power, you can buy it on Shapeways too!

Check out the topic the creator made

Cyber-Hand's Forge

Also, where can I find the instructions?

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Thundercats! HO!


Impressive given the restrictions. I quite like some of the techniques used here.

I know I’ve heard the name before though :stuck_out_tongue:


Someone watched Bakugan when he was younger, am I right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is true facts :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow! This moc looks amazing! I like it so much that I want to build it and add to my shelf.

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