3DS/2DS Friend Code Exchange

I noticed there wasn’t a thread for this yet, so I decided to make one. The premise of this thread is to post your FC for the rest of the forums to see. After all, we need FCs if we want to have a 3DS Game Night, right? I’ll start off with mine:
Name: John
Pardon the horrifying mii.


Hey this is a good idea.
My code’s:4012 4139-1696, Name: Joshua
I’ll go ahead and add you @DragonicToa

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I’m still working on getting a 2DS.


Mine is 0877-1771-3501if you want to add me.

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Alright my name is Leo(please excuse my unoriginal mii) my friend code is 5086-2286-1464
I’ll add any friend code I see on the posts. So just add mine if you want

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IGN: Jakob

4012 5726 2728

Reply if you added me, and I’ll add you back, assuming your friend code is in here somewhere. : )

I currently have added @Risebell and @DragonicToa. If you guys would please add me in turn, that’d be great.

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what’s your mii’s name again?


No wait there we go, it worked without it.

@SammySpartan @Risebell @DragonicToa I have added you three.

1461-6196-0520. I probably won’t play too many games with you, but if SSB4 has any kind of decent online network to it, you may be able to see my records and wonder how they got so great, and maybe if you want to do a 1v1 with no items on decent stages, I’ll kick your butt in that too. Just maybe.

If you add me, reply to this so I know to add you.

0533 - 5718 - 7649
Thats mah friend code
I believe my ign is potao

Aight Dragonmist, @HordikaMillsy and @potay8o
Added you guys. Now let’s see what your friend safari’s have.


Pretty sure mines poison.

Also, last I checked, @potay8o, you need to add me.

I did

@GhotiH @potay8o Added : )

Sorry I can’t add anyone. My 3DS won’t connect to Internet unless it’s right next to an access point. I’ll try to add everyone after school tomorrow,

I added @potay8o @DragonicToa @GhotiH @Risebell @HordikaMillsy and @SammySpartan
I forgot what friend safari I have

Aight guys, here’s my Friend Code. Name’s Mischief.
I added @DragonicToa, @Risebell, @SammySpartan, @Bigthwomp, @HordikaMillsy, and @potay8o.