A Bionicle Cinematic Universe

Who agrees with me that bionicle deserves a movie like the Lego movie and perhaps even deserves Cinematic Universe. I’m currently writing the Third enstallment in my vision of Bionicle (with other movie scripts in mind). So post your thoughts and feels if Bionicle deserves a better an bigger media outlet than just a small screen 4 and a half mini series that my never be seen by other fans?


I would be Intrigued by it, but it would probably suffer from the same thing as g1 movies in the dialogue, which could be quite corny at times

While I agree with @Winterstorm345, I think it could be good if helmed and written by someone who knew what they were doing - as in, not a children’s writer. Otherwise It would likely end up like the old films (And yes, I know it’s a children’s line, I’m just fantasising about what could be).


I know what I’m doing and I’m not a child writer, granted I’ve written a few kid movie scripts but I know Bionicle has a lot of potential as a story that can well expanded through various forms of media, that is truely my goal. Even if it did become a movie and wasn’t great the name got out there for the world to see, which in my opinion would be good for the franchise to grow.

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I would like a movie.

I’d love to see a Bionicle movie geared towards adults, that sounds amazing!

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I don’t think it would financially reasonable to make a theatrical Bionicle movie, let alone an entire cinematic universe. The audience simply doesn’t exist compared to other Lego movies.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t want one, just that I don’t think it will happen.


If it would be free from being shackled to set releases and the writers knew both how to interpret the source material in a way that respects what it stood for but also made it more ‘grown up’ and palatable for movie audiences, particularly in terms of dialogue, it could be really good. The Matoran Universe alone has tons of stories that, with a bit of elaboration and occasional imagining, can make a really deep, hard hitting movie, never mind the Bara Magna storyline and, of course, a final Avengers-style team-up of the Battle for Bara Magna. Is there a financial case, though? Yeah…nope.


A bionicle cinematic universe sounds awesome. If they play their cards right, it would be amazing.

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So… What is the goal here? I mean, I’d love to see a good cinematic universe of G1, but the likelihood of that happening is almost zero. So, is this just a topic to express how much we like the idea?

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So would I. Are we likely to see a movie any time soon? No. Are we likely to see a movie geared towards an older audience similar to some of the serials we got during the latter half of G1? I’m almost certain that the answer to that is never.

Yeaaahh. I’m not sure there’s much of a purpose to this topic. Unless maybe we started coming up with our own ideas for said movie.


Let’s see… each year of the main storyline would be a movie in itself, that pretty much goes without saying, though the 2004 and 2005 stories would need some revision so they’d, you know, make sense. The Mutran Chronicles could make for a fun side movie somewhat like Deadpool, but a little more science-y (due to Mutran’s experiments) and with a main character who leans a lot closer to evil rather than anti-hero. Federation of Fear could produce something in the vein of Suicide Squad; an expendable ragtag team of villains held under the thumb of a ‘good’ guy and sent to accomplish an important mission. Moving to Bara Magna, the material of Empire of the Skrall, whether used as part of a 2009 movie or in its own separate installment, could make the Rock Tribe into a much more complex villain than your traditional horde of minions/aliens/baddies that a lot of superhero movies use (case in point; the Avengers). And that’s not even getting started on everything related to the Dark Hunters, the Toa Hagah, Lesovikk, the League of Six Kingdoms…

Like I said, the amount of material there can, with some elaboration here and there, be easily sufficient to make for a full movie universe, but no one has any reason to make it happen… unless we want to make it a message boards project to write all these things :grin:



Here’s an idea I’ve been carrying around for a long time. I’d like to remake G1’s story. We start from the beginning, but add more development to characters as we go. Shave off contradictions or things that honestly were kind of dumb. We decrease some of the convoluted-ness, but keep the complexity.


Well I love that idea, not sure how much I personally could contribute, but I like the idea.

In that case should this topic be renamed “Community Writing Project: Bionicle Cinematic Universe?”

Also it should probably be moved to the “community” category


Time to undertake a ridiculously complicated project!
#Let’s do this.


We could have headwriters for different sections of G1’s story but have days to convene how each section is written. We’d also want to identify who’s onboard to actually help with writing the story in some capacity.

The easiest way to probably do it would be to create a Google drive folder to hold all of the screenplays, and then share it with people who will be working on it.


Should we start a new topic? So it can be renamed and placed in the “Community” forum?
We’ve sorta steered off-topic from the topic’s original idea.

You know, it might be easier to bring in an audience with the BCU under a different name.

What do you mean?