A Bionicle Series: The Future, Episode 1

DISCLAIMER: So, many people have been doing series of comics, stories, heck, even novels about Bionicle… I want to get involved in this thing more, so I conjured a Story about Bionicle G1 continuity, located on Spherus Magna many years in the future. - The series will be easier to digest if I write it down as a scrip, it’s way more efficient this way… I’m going to focus mainly on dialogue given the series’ nature - I took some inspiration from @Chronicler 's Emerald comics, as far as the technique is concerned. So yeah, kudos to him - Without any further ado, let’s get right into the story.

Episode One - The Dream

A wide scenery of deserted and barren moor is shown. Suddenly, the quiet is pierced by the sound of a hundred blades, clashing in a massive conflict. The shot would slowly zoom out to reveal two giant robots fighting above a massive battle.
Narrator: Bara Magna… One hundred years ago. The barren wasteland, home of my ancestry -
Narrator suddenly stops talking, the vision is moved towards a Toa, clad in golden armor, fighting off the darkest of beings that emerged from one of the giant robots.
Narrator: - Home of my forefathers, ruined by a war of selfish deeds… Yet still, we won…
The shot cuts to the red-eyed robot being slammed into a giant body of water.
Narrator: Their final mistake fell that day… And from it’s wake, we rebuilt what was lost…
Suddenly, we are shown a vision of a grand city being build, slowly expanding across different frames of time.
Narrator: Spherus Magna was reborn and new era of prosperity has just begun… So listen well to the legend of the Bionicle.
Once the exposition ends, the shot cuts away to glance over the giant city in an aerial vision, giving us a clear look onto the countless spires and streets - populated by Matoran, Glatorian and Agori alike. Amidst the city stood a giant statue in honor of Takanuva and Toa Tahu.

Suddenly, this tranquility is interrupted by a Toa of Air slamming into the statue.
The Toa of Air (confused and dizzy): I think I might have hit the rock bottom… ugh… or a rock statue in this case.
A Vahki Officer approached the Toa
Vahki: Identify yourself, commoner.
The Toa of Air stood up and loomed over the Vahki
The Toa of Air:(obviously lying) I’m… ugh… Leaf…
The Toa would glance around himself to find something to grasp onto, in a manner of speech, that is. He noticed a bush.
The Toa of Air:(still lying) Leaf… Leaf Bush.
The Vahki stopped for a while, calculating something.
Vahki: Error… No citizen with the name Leaf Bush was found… Initializing facial recognition.
The Vahki scans the Toa
Vahki: Match found, Toa Pooki, Toa of Air.
The Vahki looked around, the Toa being already gone. He must have escaped while the Vahki was processing.
Vahki: Error - no target found, In name of the Police Department, We wish you a safe stay in the city.
Suddenly, the shot cuts away to Pooki. The Toa of Air ran into an alleyway. He’d suddenly bump into someone in long robes. The Toa would look up to the being.
Pooki: (Scared) Uh… hello?
The Figure: (Fake Anger, snickering at the end) How dare you… how dare you charge into me like this, do you not realize who I’m?
Pooki: (Still scared) No… sir, I - I didn’t mean to…
The figure would suddenly jump-scare onto Pooki only to reveal a friendly face of a Fire Toa
Pooki: (Shocked, laughing at the end) Baaagh! - Pheew… you really got me there, Vahix… where’s the rest of the team?
Vahix: I dunno… I was kind of hoping that you could help me. Maybe we can ask at Bojo’s, what do you think?
Pooki: I don’t think I ate anything good in a while… sounds like a plan. Tho, I’m not sure if I have any widgets on my person.
Vahix: Don’t worry, It’s on me.

The shot follows the two as they slowly walk towards a noble restaurant, a single butler stands behind the counter. The two of them would sit to the said counter.
Butler: Hey there, Vahix - can’t say I’ve seen you around here lately… What’s shakin’ with the Toa?
Vahix: Eh… Y’know, the usual, super important Toa stuff, it’s boring me to death - Valiaah is enjoying it a bit too much.
Butler: Well, you know how Valiaah can be - anyways… what can I get you?
Vahix: I will have a glass of Fireberry Juice…
Pooki: Uh… uh! And I will have three glasses of Thornax Shake, one large bowl of Husi Milk Stew and a dozen of Nivawk Wings…
Vahix looked at Pooki, he’d slam his head into the counter.
Pooki: What? You said it’s on you…
Vahix: Yeah… right… Anyhow, that’d be all.
Pooki: But I wa- (interrupted)
Vahix: No…
Pooki: But - (interrupted)
Vahix: I said no…
Butler: Alright… I will handle your order…
The Butler walks away, leaving the two Toa alone.
Pooki: So… nobody’s here…
Vahix: (angry) I know… I have eyes.
Pooki: Yeah… figures… I guess we will just take our food and leave then.
Vahix: Agreed.
Soon the food was ready - while Vahix only drank a juice, slowly and nobly - Pooki spent the entire time shoving the food down his throat as fast as he could. After that, the Toa of Fire checked the bill. It would be very large. He rolled his eyes in disbelief but paid it anyways.

The two of them walked away from the bar, it’s almost night now.
Vahix: I can’t believe the others wont pick up my calls. I wonder why’s that…
Pooki: Yeah, me neither…
Vahix’s communicator started beeping.
Vahix: I bet twenty widgets it’s Valiaah.
Pooki only nodded as Vahix picked up the call.
Valiaah: (buzzing, in the call) I hope Pooki is with you…
Vahix: Yes… he is.
Valiaah: (buzzing, in the call) I also hope you have a good explanation as to why have you not attended the meeting with the Police Chief today.
Vahix: (surprised, in shock.) WAIT?! - That was today…
Pooki: (shameful) Whoopsy.
Valiaah: (buzzing, in the call, angry.) We will talk about this back home… The others are with me. I hope there is a very, VERY good reason behind your absence.
Valiaah ends the call.
Pooki: (relieved) Sheesh… thought he would never shut up.
Vahix: Tell me about it…

The shot suddenly cuts to the room where the other Toa (aside from Pooki and Vahix) are meeting the Police Chief. He is a ‘fat’ Skakdi, sitting in an armchair. The Toa are standing.
Valiaah: It was nice talking to you, Chief Dravahk… Pity that my brothers weren’t here.
Valiaah bowed
Dravahk: Ah… don’t be so concerned, I’m sure they will come next time…
One of the Toa, the one of Stone, murmured something. Valiaah gave him an angry look.
Valiaah: Alright, we will be leaving now… I hope to meet you again soon.
The Toa leave the room.
Dravahk: (ominous) Oh… I’m sure we will… we will.
The shot cuts away to the four Toa, walking along the street.
Valiaah: (angry) Kupek… what was that supposed to be on the meeting?
Kupek, the Toa of Stone: Sorry… these briefings are just too boring… nothing ever happens on them.
Valiaah: (angry) I’m very dissapoin- (interrupted)
Valiaah crouched down, aware of hearing something in the night-filled streets.
Valiaah: (low) Did you hear that?
Kupek nods.

To be continued…

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