A Bionicle Series: The Future, Episode 2

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Episode Two - Shadow is Rising

Recapitulation of previous episode.
Valiaah: (angry) Kupek… what was that supposed to be on the meeting?
Kupek, the Toa of Stone: Sorry… these briefings are just too boring… nothing ever happens on them.
Valiaah: (angry) I’m very dissapoin- (interrupted)
Valiaah crouched down, aware of hearing something in the night-filled streets.
Valiaah: (low) Did you hear that?
Kupek nods.
Recapitulation ends.
We are greeted to a sight of several Toa, Valiaah among them. They are standing in slightly disturbed positions, hands on the hilts of their weapons.
Valiaah: Only a coward hides in the shadows, step out stranger.
Suddenly, a meek servant steps out of the shade, they are dressed in a long robe. The Toa dropped their guard once they sew that the being opposes no harm.
Servant: M-m…mister Valiaah?
Valiaah nods.
Servant: I have a massage from Lord Tahnok, he wishes to meet you and the other Toa tomorrow at sunset. You are invited to a casual meeting at his mansion… I- I… I wish you a good day.
The Servant bows and walks away.
Kupek: Another meeting - fantastic. And here I was thinking that I could be playing Hammerball tomorrow… Do we really need to go?
Valiaah: (angry) Listen up, Kupek, We are the Toa, time for games is way out of our hand. It’s our duty to maintain order in the city, good communication is part of it. - So yes, we are going there…
Kupek: But… (interrupted)
Valiaah: That’s final.
The Toa walk away. Suddenly, we are shown both Vahix and Pooki sitting on a subway of sorts.
Pooki: Oh man, I can’t believe we missed that…
Vahix: I can’t believe I missed that…
Pooki: What do you mean?
Vahix: Well… everyone expects something like this from you - but not me…
Pooki: (obvious sarcasm) Well that isn’t insulting at all… nope, totally, everything’s fine with me.
Pooki folds his arms and turns away from Vahix.
Vahix: Oh… sorry.
Pooki: (affronted) Don’t talk to me.
The subway arrives at a station where Pooki and Vahix stepped out. They’d walk for a while before they arrive at a large spire. The two of them entered the building and took a lift to the highest level. Upon exiting the lift they’d find themselves in a luxurious apartment, designed to suit the Toa. Valiaah is standing in the doorway, his arms folded and he looks angry.
Pooki: I will just…
Pooki steps back into the lift and closes it, leaving Vahix behind.
Vahix: Right, I suppose this is the part where my big brother spews out insults.
Valiaah: No - Silence will be the best punishment for you… Also, tomorrow we are attending another meeting - Make sure to be there.
Vahix: W-…what?
Valiaah walks away.
The Toa seem to be either meditating or sleeping, it’s night - only Vahix sits on a couch while being awake and alone. Suddenly, the nightly silence is pierced by a sound of footsteps on the balcony. Vahix would open the glassed sliding door of the balcony, then he’d look around, seeing nobody.
Vahix: Alright… this is preposterous - Who is there?
A slight movement can be heard, nobody to be seen - The sliding doors are closed despite the fact that Vahix left them open. Vahix is locked outside.
Vahix: Alright, Pooki… if this is about today, I’m sorry… okey?
Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes, looking through the sliding door. The figure clearly is not Pooki, it’s standing above Valiaah, holding a dirk.
Vahix: (yelling) By Tahu’s Hau…
Vahix broke the door and rushed in. He’d start blasting bolts of fire at the intruder, however he managed to dodge all of them. Suddenly Valiaah woke up and started blasting the intruder too. Yet still, the silent assassin managed to dodge all of the attacks and escape through the broken doorway. Vahix noticed a piece of cloth that was stuck in the said doorway.
Vahix: Look…
Valiaah picked up the cloth. It has an emblem of red blade inscribed into it. The Toa narrowed his eyes.
Valiaah: Tell the others, make sure to switch guards…
Vahix nodded.
It’ morning, the Toa are preparing for the meeting with the Lord. They seem to be all quite bored aside Valiaah who holds a neutral expression. Vahix would approach Pooki.
Vahix: You know, I should probably apologies for yesterday… It wasn’t exactly my brightest hour.
Pooki: (sad) It’s alright…
Vahix: No, it’s not… I don’t want you to think that everyone thinks you are just a good for nothing joker…
Pooki: (sad) But why? - It’s the truth!
Vahix: No it isn’t… Turaga Flamha used to teach me that reality is subjective… and… that you need to trust in yourself… yeah, all that stuff.
Pooki started laughing
Pooki: Y’know… I might not be the brightest, but I’m still better at telling stories…
Both Vahix and Pooki smiled.
Valiaah interrupted the conversation.
Valiaah: Stop jesting around… There are preparations to be made before we visit Lord Tahnok.
Vahix: Mata Nui, Cut us some slack off… Besides, we have the whole day to prepare…
Valiaah grunted and walked away to talk with the other Toa. A Toa of Earth started speaking.
Toa of Earth: You know, Valiaah - maybe you should leave the two alone for once… All of us are tired of this bickering between you three.
Valiaah: I will consider your imput, Lanuka…
Lanuka nodded.
Kupek: Since y’all seem to be so good at handling family drama, I’m goin’ to play some Hammerball.
Kupek takes his Hammerball gear and leaves.
Valiaah: Wait, I was talkin… - (interrupted)
Lanuka: Let him go… We all need some time for ourselves.
The time would skip exactly to Twilight, it’s an amazing sunset above the city - All the Toa stand ready before the giant mansion, mansion of Lord Tahnok…
Valiaah uses the doorbell to ring in a fancy melody, Pooki starts dancing to it. The others gave him a weird look.
Pooki: What… ?
Pooki looks around in confusion. Suddenly, the same servant as before opens the doors.
Servant: Ahh… It’s nice to finally see you, Master Valiaah… and I see you brought your company, very good. Anyways, come inside… Lord Tahnok is awaiting you at his dinner table.
The Toa would enter, soon they’d walk together among the long hallways, decorated by various antiquities of old time, encased in glass. One of them being an age-old attire of ancient assassins - The very same that the Toa saw yesterday.
Vahix: (low) Valiaah… a moment.
Valiaah: (low) What is it?
Vahix: (low) Look at the armor…
Valiaah nods.
Valiaah: Excuse me, majordomo… What is this antique?
Servant: Ah… yes, that is an ancient attire of Tahnok’s Family Guards. It has not been used in centuries…
Valiaah: You wouldn’t mind if I had a closer look… would you?
Servant: Uh… uh… sure… While you have a look, I will be preparing your meals.
The Servant ran away, very, very quickly. Pooki gave him a bewildered face.
Pooki: What’s with that guy?
Valiaah inspected the attire, it was torn in the place where shoulder meets the arm. The Toa stood like a solid stone, locked in disbelief.
Valiaah: We need to get out of here and inform the chief…
Servant appears behind Valiaah, two giant figures within long robes are standing behind him.
Servant: I’m afraid that wont be necessary…
The Servant turns his tone into a deep one, soon, it would be obvious - The Assassin, Tahnok and the Servant are one and the same.
Tahnok: Take them out…
Tahnok disappeared from the scene, the two figures grabbed the hold of their spears and charged into the Toa. A long fight ensued where the guards kept dodging quite easily all of the attacks. The Toa couldn’t land a single hit.
Tahnok’s voice: (echo) Sorry, It was never meant to go this far…
Valiaah: I said it before and I say it now… Only cowards hide in shadows.
The pair of silhouettes kept fighting with the Toa. Suddenly, Valiaah was hit into his chest - At that very moment, Vahix would blast both of the figures away with a powerful wave of fire.
Vahix: (yelling) Get Valiaah out of here!
Pooki nods and escorts Valiaah out, leaving the Toa behind.
The rest of the Toa finally manage to fight the two off. Kupek summoned a pair of cuffs from the stone slabs, encasing the two of them in the said cuffs.
Moments later the Police department arrives and arrests the two. Dravahk is there too.
Valiaah: (in pain) Ugh… Cheif… agh… The Lord escaped… begh…
Dravahk: Well, that’s very unfortunate… at least we have his men locked up… From here on, this is a case of the police department… You Toa no longer need to worry about it…
The Toa walked away. Once they did, Dravahk ordered his Vahki to release the two men.
Dravahk: If you two imbeciles fail us again, I wont be so kind to you and neither will be your “Lord”.
The figures: Yes, The Shadowed One

To be continued…