A Bionicle Set you wish could've been bigger or better

Was there a set in particular you wished had been designed better, perhaps a set from an earlier year that could've used a touch of newer pieces? Or maybe a smaller set that would've had a better appearance if it had been given more parts and a bigger pricetag?

Personally, I felt like the 2008 Mistika Gali set could've been better. Of the three Mistika Toa, Onua and Gali both had the Nynrah Ghost Blasters as their primary weapon. It felt like the melee weapons were a little short when it came to the Mistika Toa. I also never really pictured Gali as a sniper.

Please don't say Omega Tahu...please.


Takanuva from '08 could have been bigger... So could Brutaka and the Kardas Dragon...


the stars: I always wished they could have been titan versions of the mata/nuva


I think the Toa mata nui titan needed better design. It had one gold piece with orange and yellow, was a bit wacky and the weapons were sloppy.


I was really confused with that set. It didn't seem to have any relevance to the plot and yes the design was poor and looked like a mess.


Now to stop kidding about already-huge sets. I guess I could say Axonn could have been bigger. He looked awesome, but he just does not look big and epic like in the Ignition Comics; He's as tall as one of the Inika.

Gadunka. I liked Gadunka a lot in the adverts, but he felt kinda disappointing when I finally got him.

The Stars could have been WAY bigger... Why Lego... Why...


The Toa Mata Nui set was just a way to get the golden Ignika in a set in my opinion. I'm going to say Bohrok Kal, just because they were so close to the originals (not that it was that bad).


I think the Bohrok were boring. Six identical sets in different colors, and then they went and made six more with tints of silver. The only real appeal was to get the Krana I think...I never really got into that. I preferred Kanohi.

They were nicely built and had a lot of playability to them.

Sure, they were cool, and I bought a couple; I just found it annoying that Lego Made 12 of them, when really 1 wave would've sufficed. There's no real reason to want all six of them, much less the Kal too...

Good point, but for a mocist those kal weapons are pretty neat.

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I think the sets from 2001 to 2003 could have been bigger, particularly the Toa and their enemies. They're dwarfed by the Metru and Inika, and it makes displaying them alongside the others look awkward.

Yeah, my main point was that they could've done a little more to build upon the original Bohrok form, to show they were bigger, more advanced, an as I see it, a bit more" evolved."

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Tahu should have been so he could be OMEGA TAHU!!!

Stars defiantly. They seemed to be a poor way to end bionicle at the time.


One word. Nidhiki.


All the Mistika. And Stars.


I disagree. I liked that we got six identical sets back in those days. It meant you got what ever new part in all six colors. Plus the appeal was not just the Krana I think. Some of the best parts to use in MOCing came from the Bohrok. The claws gave you 12 different pieces that functioned mostly the same way with the same dimensions and connection points(though a few variations). That means a lot of options which is always good in MOCing.

I'm actually going to grab one that I think wasn't all that good. The usanui coulda been a better designed set. It had all these parts up front and then Takanuva hanging off of it at the back. Didn't really work.

A second set I really liked and thought it had a lot of potential if they had just made it more articulate, Mezeka and the Swamp Strider from 2008. Its claw legs only moved up and down. If they had used technic click joints there instead I think it would have been a lot better as a set.

I know this is kinda off topic but at least none of these sets were as bad as the Furno Bike. Furno didn't even fit on it properly and they put the handle bars not actually on the part of the bike that turned. Also it was a frame with armor slapped on. So given a little perspective there, I think all these mentioned sets aren't that bad.

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