A conceptual map of Spherus Magna

Based on the old map of bara magna, i thought id make this map showing spherus magna after the reformation.
cities and stuff are not to scale, obviously. the GSR however is, i dont believe in the "size of earth" robot. its too big.
i think what the matoran called a continent would just be a regular island for agori.
so yeah, here it is, a very early concept of spherus magna.

the giant forest/jungle region up north is bota magna, the jungle more down south is the jungle around tesara, expanded because of mata nuis weird vegetation beams???
the creep canyon got partially flooded, just as tajun and the old lab.
around the GSR there is no vegetation, small symbolism there.
yeah, discuss, suggest, critique!


looks really good

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Looks great!

I like it a lot, but...

  1. It would be helpful to have a compass drawn somewhere on the blank spaces of the map.
  2. Where is the Northern Frost?
  3. What exactly is Kai Metro? It sounds pretty neat! smile
  4. Where is the fortress that holds the cursed Great Being?

I wonder if the thing that is labeled ??? is actually Lehvak Kal who finally landed


Very interesting take on this. Good job; I love the details!

looks like a map of asia and europe

so this was before the agori wars but after the GSR was build i was just reading the comic book or is this after were everyone rebuild


Wow, that's cool!
Spectacular job!

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This is after the reformation of the planet.


I like it. The robot really sets the scale.


Looks good! But there's just one thing missing, there's 2 robots... The Prototype and The Great Spirit one.

I thought the prototype one had crumbled to bits.

And far, far to the right from this map is a small island named Okoto


where are the islands (mata nui voya nui metru nui) plus im not about all after 2008

They were destroyed when the Giant robot woke up...

and land apered

This is Spherus Magna not Aqua Magna

then whats bara magna

Bara magna is part of Spherus Magna which got blown off than re attached by Mata nui, Along with Bota Magna and Aqua Magna.

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Metru Nui is in the robot. Voya Nui sank. Mata Nui got destroyed when the robot woke up.

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