A hunter

A merciless edgelord…


this is just amazing. I don’t even know how you could smooth it so much! How did you even put the skull-spider masks together!?!?

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Cheers mate! The skull spider masks have 4 points of connection, so it wasn’t that difficult in the end.

I love it! Everything flows so well and feels consistent; if I was viewing this anywhere else I reckon I’d mistake it for an actual action figure at first glance as opposed to a MOC. I also really like the selective use of blue.

Only criticism would be the background; takes away from the MOC a little; I’d recommend using some card or just a plain wall next time :slight_smile:


Looks cool! Nice shaping. I almost cut myself on all that edge!

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I really like this! It looks amazing, and the colors are really cool! The whip is fantastic, though I can’t tell how you made it.

Technically they have 6, if you count the thing for the scorpion tail and the mask attachment.


By snapping it into the holes naturally created by the Moc’s torso

The moc’s stance seems sorta stiff and unnatural, and I think it has something to do with the shape of the torso and position of the shoulders, but I’m not sure. Outside of that it’s really well built and I’d really like to see a couple more photos from different angles.


That head does not really fit

How does it not fit lmao?
it’s a moc that’s supposed to have hunter vibes, so i tried to make something scary and sleek


Don’t bother with this guy. He always finds the tiniest of critisms and instead of recomending how to fix it just says what he doesnt like. I have a theory that it was because people were legitimatly criticising his mocs and trying to help him make them better and now he’s just spiteful and goes around randomly throwing negativity at others mocs.


The cyclops eye and domeish shaping makes the heat feel more like a drone/ head and less of a Hunter head. But it’s really just a nitpick, nothing major. Maybe remove the red dot???

Love the MOC, would like to see more angles of it, and maybe in an action pose or something. Personally, I think the head fits perfectly, especially with the hair-like esthetics.

this has excellent shaping to it. its very impressive that someone found a use for those gahli masks

Besides being fun to burn, you mean.

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