A Life's Light

In this world of magic lands
There is a little candle that stands
Amidst the roaring flames
Of a burning cabin built in vain
Of the war soon that came
And destroyed the man’s name
The candle rests upon a silver plate
A small light dancing in the wake
Of a thousand fold greater fire
That lifted the costs even higher
The wax melted and dripped
As the balance tipped
Two men fighting in the background
Their eyes the focus of the foreground
One slain by a cursed blade
One ignited with the sins of hate
Sins which laid heavy on a boy’s shoulders
Those sins ate
At his mind as he grew older
The ashen cabin is now dust
As the boy lay alone to rust

A silver knight riding upon brown steed
Has come to the boy’s need
Once pleaded by this boy’s father
To save a light and harbor
The safety of this light
To even greater heights
That brave man now slain
He was a dragnir without shame
The knight’s name
Who raised the orphaned boy with ancient claim
Sword of the cutting winds, Brystworl
Which could be found in its wake
In an olden lake of pearls
The sword rest standing upon the lake
The boy was now a man
He traverses with the man he now calls father
The same knight from prior
The two traverse north
Across knolls
Over steppes
Down the sandy cliff sides
On top the wet banks in the rivers

Set sail through the northern sea
To the land of your father’s birth
Moner take to the forests
Uncover the worth of your truth
And bury your past by the sea
So you may learn rest
Before your father leaves you
There are times of sorrow
Times of gladness
But above all are the times we learn
When we grow
We will become much greater
So you won’t learn true loneliness
Take Brystworl and train
In an ancient mark of the great
Those who reside as guardians of our home
Have chosen you as their next
The one to protect us after their leave
By ancient promise or
By ancient order
I promise you will be
Someone this tired face will look to
I am here as long as you will need me and no more
No more will I fail to protect you
Like that small candle who kept you warm
I will also shelter you from the cold.

This a poem I wrote for my fictional story-verse “A Universe unlike Ours”, in which this covers a bit of Moner’s story, just a tiny bit. I hope you like it!

Yes I have yet to finish the prologue…I’m still working on that…just very busy…

Yes I know that is should technically be “An Universe unlike Ours”, but A Universe unlike Ours sounds so much better