A.R.C.U.S. Armored Response Core Unit System

The ARCUS robot is designed as a bodygaurd for high profile targets as well as a perimiter sentry, and a exo-suit if the need calls for it. It's known feats are currently destroying a small army of heavily armored and armed battle tanks, and four legions of Makutas by itself, its armor is composed of an alloy of Prototanium(Titanium) and Gravitanium(Vibranium) which give it a gravity field to repel anything that attacks it as well as armor that can withstand a direct nuclear blast, its power source is a nuclear reactor which can be overclocked to release a devastating blast of Radiation which can be seen, directly from its core, this is not one bot to run in to if you are up to no good, it doesn't have a A.I. with a mercy complex, and if it is destroyed, so long as it core is in one piece, it is able to rebuild itself no matter the distance..


Nice work! :smile:


dat mask looks and works really good :smile:

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lookin noice

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custom silver huna



Looks great.

The only things I can see that need improvement are the upper-arms (which could stand to be bulked-up a little more) and the abdomen (which could also stand to be bulked-up a little, but that may get in the way of the waist-articulation, so it's not overly necessary).

Also, nice mask.


@Marendex_T17 I kept the arms like that for articulation.

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That's epic. nice paint job on the mask.

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@tahtorak I won it in a moc contest..

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The Megaman X vibes! I feel them!

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The light green is an eyesore, the waist is thin, and the upper arms are thin. Other than that, great job.

Good job on this.

So, that story, seems like an expensive piece of tech...

@EvilLobsterKing Would you buy it? :smirk:

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I'll trade you a ham sandwich for your death robot...

I really like the look of this! Very nicely done. The random green here and there is a bit weird, though. His upper arms are also a tad skinny, and his waist is pretty thin as well. But, overall, I like it! Good job! :smile:

Other than the upper arms and the green here and there, I really like the look!

The green looks out of place, maybe if you put a bit more in places with a consistent color, it could blend better. Also, the chest proportions seem wonky, otherwise, I really like it.

BY GRINGAT'S BEARD!!!!! @_@ Those feet are huge!

This thing is awesome, I love it!

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This goes in the quote scrapbook, doesn't it.

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