A Random Lego Piece Appeared!

Recently, I found a really, really old discussion on BZPower that I wanted to ask everyone here. Whether it be on the sidewalk, in a parking lot, or at a bus stop, has anyone found any Lego pieces in public?

I had found a white Akaku Nuva near a bush near my house a few years ago. I noticed it out of the corner of my eye. It was kind of dirty, but that wasn't a problem. After I cleaned it up, I built a MOC with it.


Well. I've found a tusken raider minifigure behind my shelf open_mouth
And I've lost it again

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Same thing happened to me with the Akaku

My brother found one of those legends of chima speedorz rip piece thingies in the forest, and he gave it to me!


Found several pieces laying around in Disney.


Disney Land or World?

I've found broken Hakann foot piece smiley it is completely useles!


I found some BIONICLE elementes in our schoolyard back in elementary school. Not sure what happened to them...


I found a Nokama Hordika mask in the mall near my home. This was nearly seven years after they had been in stores.


How/where in the mall?

I found a 1x4 grey tile piece back when I was elementary school, but that's it,

It was in by one of those plants they have in the middle of the mall by a bunch of chairs/sofas, trash cans, and vending machines. It's kind of hard to explain...

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I found a bunch of random Lego pieces in a bush near the back of my yard a few years ago.

I found a turret piece from Exo-Force in yellow in a shoe store once.

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I have found so many around my school, they used to have a BIONICLE club or something, they ended up losing half their pieces. They were all outside in the field and stuff, so that's how I got a lot of my random pieces up until Ebay...

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I found a Ninjago skeleton arm lying in the grass in my yard yesterday.

I found lewa phantoka's foot in a playground around two or three years ago

I have found many. The three I remember was baseball practice when I was... 7? and I found one or two lego heads. Another time was after a swim meet either last spring or the year before and I found one of those longer star wars blaster rifles. The last one was two weeks ago when I came back from college to the new house we'd just moved into and there was this new and clean blue 2x4 brick sitting in front of my back door.

recently I was taking my dog for a walk and I found a gear on the floor

I have found a LEGO minifigure shield below a tree in our garden....a shield I have never owned.....