A Sound Defence

Hello! This is my first post!
Here’s my Toa of Sonics, Timak. He’s currently defending against a particularly painful banshee-like screech (from a Rahkshi of Power Scream, perhaps).
He uses his Kanohi Mahiki to augment his sonic power with minor illusions, which helps him concentrate, visualise and fine-tune the vibrations in the absence of a physical Toa-tool.

This is my art and I do not grant permission to use this elsewhere (please dm me if you really want to) :slight_smile:

good stuff here and welcome to the message boards

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Welcome to the boards!

This is absolutely epic. I particularly love the idea of using the Mahiki (or illusions in general) as a sort of focus/visualization aid, rather than just a weapon. And the art is epic!


I know everyone has said this already, but welcome! Be sure to read the rules, and Here is a topic on how to do stuff!

Ok, all of that aside, this is a really great price of art!

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Thanks! He’s always had a Mahiki since before I knew about how masks and elements or anything worked, and I’m still figuring out cool ways for him to use it. He’s a walking music visualiser!


fun colors and clear pose. glad to see you still kickin boss