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I see many people ask “How do I blur text?”, “How do I quote someone?”, “How do I @ someone?”, etc. So I thought “We really need a topic explaining how to do these things!”

Notifiers (@) and Quotes

To use the @ symbol, simply type the @ symbol followed by the person’s username. I.E. @Political_Slime

To quote someone, simply highlight the text you wish to quote. A button should come up saying “Quote reply.” Note that this does not work for quoting text outside of a reply. Also, it sometimes just plain doesn’t work; if this happens, just try again. Glitches happen.

Creating topics

Desktop: On the home menu, there’s a blue circle on the bottom right. Mouse over it, and a button will pop up saying “new topic”. Click on that and you’ll be able to create your very own topic.
Mobile: on the home page, a button at the top right says “new topic”.

linking to a post

Have you found a post that you want to share with your friends, but it’s post 547 on a 3000 post topic? Well, fortunately, the boards have a way to link to specific posts.

  • next to the reply button on a post is a series of buttons. Click the one that looks like this:
  • you’ll now see more buttons:
  • click on the one that looks like a chain:
  • That’ll bring up a drop-down box like this:
  • Copy this URL, and paste it where you please!

Editing posts

If you made a post and you want to edit it, simply press the pencil button.

Changing who you’re replying to

You’ve typed up a good, in-depth post. Suddenly you realize you’re replying to the wrong person! Again, no problem. You don’t have to cancel your post, hit the right reply button, and type it up again. Simply hit the reply button beneath the person you meant to reply to, and your post will become a reply to theirs. You can also do weird things with this like quoting someone while replying to someone else (but why would you want to do that?)


There are two ways to do spoilers. The easiest is simply to do [spoiler]blurred text here[ /spoiler] without the space before the slash.

If you do it right, you get this.

The problem with this is, you can’t format text in the spoiler.

See what I mean?

To do that, you gotta use the other type of spoiler tag:
< span class = “spoiler”> text here
Minus the space before span.
See what I mean? You can even Bold Text!
And indent, too!

Indent twice to end the spoiler.

Text Size

Easy way to change the text size: use a # at the beginning of your line.

This happens.

Succesive Hashtags decrease the size from there I.E.


And it




This one is so easy. Simply use [s]text here[ /s] again, without the space before the slash.
If u do nut use this, ure a skrub. JK


Underline is easy. [u]text[ /u] without the space you should know that by now

Superscript and subscript

Simply put
< sup >
Or < sub >
Minus the spaces, of course
Respectively, before the text you wish to super- or subscript.

Polls and drop-down menus

On the post menu, there’s a little gear button at the top right. It allows you to do a few cool things, including “hide details” which can allow you to create a drop-down text box; “blur spoiler”, which allows you to create the blurred text (note that it creates the less useful spoiler tags); and “build poll” which allows you to create a poll.

Anything I missed? Post it in the replies below!


Dang Rac, this is pretty sweet! I've been meaning to do something like this for a while, but you seemed to cover a lot of it.

In addition, if you ever want to link within a post like so, all you need to do is type

<%a href="insertwebsiteURLhere"> insert text here<%/a> (without the "%" of course)!


Hmm. Hadn't thought of that, but isn't it simpler to just click the chain button at the bottom of a post, copy that text, and paste it into the textbox after using the chaing button when typing a post?

Harder to describe, easier to remember if you understand it.


This is awesome! It's about time someone's done this!


Thank you very! This helps alot!

now I know midget text

Rac u beutefil

Ur greats

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Very useful. Thanks.

Just today I thought,

how do i do this?

Now I know. smile

Also, doing this makes a link, too.
[Don't type this second square bracket -->]](Put your link in these brackets)

Don't click here.

you sure?

Edited title -legomaster

Thanks @Rac! Gonna need to bookmark this. smiley


Nice job, I never really wanted to ask how to do any of this. Thank you.


Thanks for making this! I was wondering how to do these. smiley

Tank Yu Gud Wombat!

I've wanted to know some of this stuff for a while, so thanks for that. smile

Its worth noting you need to use the second spoiler tag option so that you can post images;


As others have said, this is a great topic! Something that might be worth adding is that to quote a post, you just need to highlight the text and a "quote reply" button will appear. Seems kinda obvious, but might not be for new users.


Wow, I didn't actually know about the text resizing. TIL. Good work!

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Wow! thanks man! I have been wondering!

even if people have already told me how, I am just a moron



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