A Spooky Silver Skeleton and other stuff

Okay. I got bored and had parts in front of me. That's it. For the skeleton, at least. And Halloween is coming up very soon so, I figured, "why not?" and built this.

looks cool, right?

WRONG! :stuck_out_tongue:

This one has been around for years and you might know it from one of my recent posts, which I will link below. So, this is Greshbot. It began as an excuse to build rather than cleaning up my room, which went well. :laughing: he started as this horrific creation with a horizontal Rhakshi torso as a body, which, if you want, I can try to replicate. It then turned into a decently sized titan with a Gresh blade hooked up to certain parts, making a stabbing motion. As soon as Bionicle 2015 was confirmed, I knew he must be reborn, out of the first pieces I found. Let's just say Greshbot is not in its prime, because this is the result.

In this shot, I somehow almost made it look imposing! :laughing:

And I kinda got tired of the stud launcher hammer for Ekimu, so I made my own, which, actually, doesn't look that bad!

Raising it to the sky (AKA my ceiling)

All three together (sorry for the blurryness!)

Back view of all three (hammer's side view)

The link where Greshbot was first mentioned!


I like the hammer!

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That took a little bit of work, actually, and I'm happy with the results! :smile: thanks!

I'm blinded by that multi-colored guy, but MAN is that Hammer cool

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I think we need to create a new topic. Imposing photos of not-so-imposing MOCs

Finally! Someone noticed! :laughing:

@JMP That's because it's practically made from tablescraps. Thanks!

@Zelohak actually, I've had a few of those for quite a while, and the skeleton was for Halloween! s/

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I'm spooked.


Silver Intensifies...