A Very Canon-Compliant Toa Nidhiki - DuckBricks Fanon Contest #5

Hi again,

This is my entry for the Nidhiki Fanon contest hosted by Duckbricks!


This interpretation is a fairly mathematical approach to Nidhiki, somewhere in between Toa Krakua, Toa Lhikan and his Dark Hunter form. He stays true to the words of Greg Farshtey with a standard green Volitak, green shoulders and a scythe. His resemblance to Krakua ties him back to the Tren Krom peninsula, the previously shared home of the two Toa heroes.

To recolor some parts I used Beret Green Enamel by Testors. Only the mask and Gahlok Kal Shield are painted.

I get asked a lot about the Dark Green “Metru-toran limbs”. Three of these came in set 7019-1, Viking Fortress against the Fafnir Dragon. They’re very much real, and you can buy some here! :slight_smile:

a Stud.io file can be found here.

Note that it uses models from Biopack and Sidopack. Please install both before using this file.

Thanks for looking, and good luck to all in the contest!


looks good, i like the arms!


That’s a great design! I love how you used some parts that I didn’t know existed!

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Do I see. Painted mask and chest piece!!! Not bad of a figure though.


Ah, how refreshing to have a canon-compliant Nidhiki! The mask is correct, the colors are correct, and most importantly of all - it is not a metru build.
It is also well-designed in general. I like the lanky figure.


I like the design, but i feel like there could be a little more trans-green
cool moc