The Pack Formerly Known as The Biopack

The new version of The Biopack, “The Pack Formerly Known as The Biopack” is here!

Despite being cancelled, the Biopack is bio-back. Now with new parts, improved parts, and plenty of fixes to make the building experience as smooth as possible, the Biopack is ready for everyone! I have many, many people to thank, but I’d like to thank OhluCG and @Kanguin for their work on making these lovely promotional images! I’d also like to thank modelers like Krayday, OhluCG, Grampa Walker, and Lehvak Nuva. For more in-depth credits and installation instructions, check the readme file in the pack.

Download the part pack here! The part pack is best with colorpacks, which you can find at my Linktree, which has lots of Studio resources for you to play with!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Hey, why’d this take so long?

Because of lots of procrastination with all parties involved and behind-the-scenes problems I can’t and don’t want to elaborate on.

What’s new in the pack?

Lots of new parts, but most obviously Visorak parts and Hordika weapons, a new and improved Metru torso, and completely overhauled fan-favorite masks like the Avohkii and Lhikan’s Hau!

Wait, why are there so many duplicate parts? Aren’t some of these already in Studio?

One of the behind-the-scenes problems I can elaborate on is that when the Studio team added the batch of Bionicle parts to Studio, they added outdated and inaccurate models we fixed months ago, not knowing they were going to add the models in the first place. As such, any duplicate parts are improved and more accurate.

What about these parts that have that weird black portion?

Those require Swamp Kryakwa’s colorpacks, found in the links above. They massively improve the rendering capabilities of Studio, and even have marbled colors to play with! It is highly recommended you install them with the Biopack.

Why is my Studio running slower?

That’s an inherent flaw arising from the nature of the Studio and PartDesigner integration. Sadly, we can’t do anything about that at this time.

What’s the future of the Biopack?

Right now, uncertain. While I am massively grateful for the chance to complete and polish the Biopack for the benefit of myself and every other Studio builder, I have no plans to release updates beyond fixes of the Biopack for now. However, if someone else is willing to take the reins, be my guest - and tell Lehvak Nuva I sent you. Update: i’m in it for one more run, it seems - contact me if you have any questions!


Oh boy, here we go again

This is awesome. I was just thinking to myself yesterday, “Man, I wish had Jaller Mahri’s chestplate”.

Having the kraata will be pretty good as well.

Is there any way to automatically remove the old versions of duplicate parts, or do I have to do it manually?


Installing the pack properly will overwrite the old custom parts.


This is the best news I could’ve gotten on Bionicle day.
Thank you tremendously everyone who did the Biopack! It’s Legendary!


How do I get the color packs in
I’m kinda new…

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You need to edit the custom color files - each pack has instructions on how to install them properly.

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I’ve just been going through these parts to see what’s new, and I might have found an error. For the five Hordika weapons that are included, my understanding is there’s a marbled version that requires the marbling colour pack, as well as a basic version with simple colour boundaries that doesn’t. However, the basic version of Vakama’s Blazer Claw has a black blade, rather than orange:

I don’t have any of the colour packs yet, but I was still able to get the basic multicoloured versions of the other four.

Am I doing something wrong, or is the part miscoloured?

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I’ll inspect it more and release a fix when I get the chance!

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Yeah, sorry, that’s my mistake

Replace file in your "C:\Users\murta\AppData\Local\\CustomParts\parts" with this:


The pack has been updated with a more accurate readme and @TTheLus’s fix, plus a new model for the Carapar chest armor.


Oh man, this could not have hit at a better time! I need to upload a contest entry to, based on something I built IRL, and I needed a visorak body to complete it. Checked online in a hail mary, even though I knew the biopack was cancelled, and boom, exactly what I needed. I can’t thank you enough!


If I’m downloading a parts pack and manually installing it on a Mac, is there a way I can tell which files are for which individual parts?

Each part is named with its BrickLink part ID.

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Great, now I just need the rest of the visorak shells and pincers AND the rest of the hordika heads and I’ll be good to go!

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Hi, really enjoying the new models, just thought I’d let you know that the hammer part of the Kolhii Stick model is missing!

is the Vahki eyestalk supposed to be here? it’s in that picture, but i’ve downloaded twice now and it’s not here, as far as i can tell.

I just took a quick look, I seem to have it from the pack.
If you have used the search function and haven’t found it, you could try to use part designer to find it.

I’ve had similar issues with the Adaptive Hau and Vakama Hordika’s head. A few others too. I wonder how many others have experienced this issue.

Newer Studio updates have some weird behavior as of late - I’ll do some clean installs on a separate machine and ensure things are where they should be when I have some spare time there.

Also, I updated the main post with a little more info, mainly that I’ll be releasing at least one more update, and a link to my Linktree, which is a new hub I’m maintaining for Studio resources of all kinds. Contact me if you want your stuff linked there!