Ace Attorney

Ace Attorney, otherwise known as Gyakuten Saiban in Japan is a lawyer simulator, that’s actually a detective adventure game, that’s actually a mystery themed visual novel. You are a lawyer that has to defend (or in some cases, prosecute) a client by going to crime scenes, collecting evidence, questioning witnesses and producing contradictions in their testimonies.

It’s a bit of an understantement to just call this a visual novel, because it really does not do justice to the most colorful cast of characters and a very inventive plot. It’s one of my own personal favorite games, and a lot of my early Kahi persona was inspired by the characters and stories within.


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Phoenix Wright vs. Professor Layton in a month and a week.

Get hype.


This is now my favourite thread. The AA thread.

Go through with Meso’s idea of a Bionicle Ace Attorney, that would be awesome.

I’ve only just finished the first game.

I have no idea if you mean my project, or something else entirely.


Play them alllllll


Even the fan caseeeeessssss.

…can’t say I agree with playing those. I haven’t come across one that’s been able to keep the cast in character with much frequency, and a good selection of them have some…very twisted logic as well.

There was a fan translation for AAI2, which I’m looking forward to playing.

I’m not sure about it too yet, download seems pretty big.

Is it stand alone or require emulation device/R4 chip?

I’m just gonna leave this wright here.

I guess I’m following Kahi’s footsteps now.

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It shall be done.


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I’ve been thinking more along the lines of something like AJ:AA, but that works too :smiley:

Toa Dekura: Ace Attorney. I like that.

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Kind of surprised no one has mentioned this yet…

That T&T Court theme remix (1:09) makes me so happy. Shame it won’t be in the actual game :frowning:

But yeah, I’ll be getting this game on Christmas :stuck_out_tongue:

I say it is a safe bet that most people on this topic will. Unless, of course they don’t have a 3DS.


I’m surprised nobody mentioned Dai Gyakuten Saiban :stuck_out_tongue:

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I will attempt to summon a localization of DGS

(localization dance here)



I object to this topic’s death :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone (minus @Takua and @anon68675807) ever played Attorney Online? Would be cool to start up a private server and play sometime :smiley: