Adrastia, Toa of Magnetism

Gender: Female

Species: Matoran (Toa)

Element: Magnetism

Kanohi: Mask of Rebounding

Tools: None, save her elemental power

Traits: Bold, Laid-back, Somewhat vain, experienced

Link to Mocpages page with backstory if you are interested



  • Like the Thighs
  • I like the Torso design
  • Looks really cool
  • I like the wire running through the chestplate
  • The thighs stick to far back
  • The mixture of all the shades of gray looks a bit tacky
  • The codpiece sticks too far out

I would give it a 9/10.

The MOC has its issues, but it just looks SO STINKING COOL!

smile Fantastic Job! smile


Thank you! blush
Just one question... which piece is the codpiece?

Well, its on her hips.

Oh... you mean The half-bushing?


Nice MOC though! Sleek, complex, colours are nice! Nothing overly jarring that breaks the MOC except for the minor flaws that @PluralLego mentioned


No. The Glatorian Meter holder.

she's alright

@Rockho You got me, but I didn't want to be too boring with my masks. Thanks, though!

@PluralLego Ah. I can fix that. Thanks for telling me.

Never heard the Metru chest piece being called that before :stuck_out_tongue:


I started to get the sets in a serious manner in '09, so that's just the first thing to come to my mind. smile

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you do know that the shape of a mask has no bearing on it's power, right?

though, not quite sure what a mask of rebounding does...

if it wasn't for the incredibly broken looking knees I wouldn't have any real complaints.


Well to be fair, the mask does look (not really) similar to this

Get it? Goalies, rebounds... No? ok :disappointed:

In all honesty, the MOC is spectacular and there isn't much that is flawed about it.



Initial Thoughts:

Oh, wow, this looks awesome. 10/10

Real Thoughts:

Well, you got the colours right, the mask is suiting (Except for the fact that you state it is not the Huna), the build is VERY well done, But, see, ah, a Toa of Magnetism can not be Female, they are strictly male. confused


that's uh, little harsh don't you think? I mean dumb gender restrictions are dumb

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I seem to have forgotten a /s

oh alright then laughing

There, I made it bigger. smile

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Oooh i like this one.
However the knees look awkwardly bent forward

to me, the hands seem out of place, but if you like those kinds of hands then... they're not out of place. why doesn't she use a tool?

i call it that too o_o
don't let mean old @Rockho tell you what it's called