Agent Entropy

A Revenant agent of death charged with hunting down his own murderer, the serial killer known as the Specter.

Front shot. Nothing crazy here.
Nyran shot. Suddenly that tail is less invisible against the background.
Tail fully fanned up. Yes, he can balance on his own like this.
Comparison with Hewkii Inika (my first BIONICLE set ever), while holding my sigfig.
Final profile picture shot. No escaping the trend, he’s still in the same pose my Self-MOCs have been in since day one.

Overall he’s not exactly anything out of this world, but I’m proud of him. In addition to all his little extra bits (bat ears, scarf, peacock tail, ect.) he’s got my first decent custom head and he’s actually pretty expressive in some poses. Main issues I have with him don’t show up in pictures though, the guy may as well be made of glass…

Hope you enjoyed!


I really like this moc, great job as usual, Ek!


Really good texturing.

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@Saxton @Hutere

Thank ye. The light gray is there mostly just to break up the monotony of solid black. I personally quite like it, but if I really did want to remove it I wouldn’t specifically be opposed to painting things if I was dedicated enough.



It’s kinda funny I hadn’t even seen a picture of Greninja until today but y’all aren’t wrong.

I can definitely see the resemblance :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love everything about this. Great work Ek.

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I love the head, and I didn’t even see the tail until the second image.

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@Grimsock Thank ye mate.

@AwesomeJoel27 Yeah, my background isn’t the best for it. Hopefully I can get some better pictures soon, probably outdoors or somewhere he will stand out a bit better.

I feel as though the arms are ever so slightly short.
Looks awesome overall

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Looks great… but do the eyes glow in the dark?

Sadly no, I don’t have the right parts for it. I would totally swap them out if I did though! :3

With his ears and tails, I thought he was a multi-tailed Kitsune at first…


Quite so actually. Not intentional but I can see the resemblance.

Where’d the yellow go?

No Ek-neck, 0/10

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From a story standpoint it no longer made sense. It’s been partially replaced with the lime green, however small that portion may be.

Lies, of course he has an Ekneck. He’s wearing a scarf though, makes it difficult to see.

(no seriously he does)


The bionicle that you made is pretty cool. Nothing really stood out except the tail but its alright i guess…

xD can’t help but notice that Hewkii’s armor is upside down!

His thigh armor? Matter of personal preference, I despise how that piece looks when flipped. A lot.

As for your thoughts on the MOC itself, I can’t blame you based on personal preference. However for standing out, no his designs are not out of this world…they’re not meant to be…but I doubt that anything truly completely similar exists. It personally feels more like a bit of saltiness over a previous encounter. If I’m wrong, I apologize.