Ahi Toa of Cinder

Not Kahi

So a while back I made a prototype MOC for her, and I kinda had the idea for a female MOC made from mostly trans neon orange and to have her body being partly made of fire/lava.
Then I saw Ekorak’s Silent fire. and I was like, I can do this. So here she is.

I made her taller and her arms longer, I also added in red.

Prior to her mutation she was a rather lonely with her only real friend being her brother.

She was present during his transformation into a toa, the Turaga had assumed that he was destined to become a Toa due to him being heir to Ta-Koro’s throne.
During this transformation, being destined, Ahi absorbed some of the energy to transform her into a Toa of of her brother, while he became a full Toa she became something in limbo between a Toa and Matoran.

Able to use basic fire powers such as heat, absorbing fire, and the peculiar abilities to resist molten rock and control it, but not being able to use powered Kanohi, the Matoran saw her as some kind of abomination.

Feeling the hatred of the matoran she took the title of “Toa of Cinder” as she didn’t feel worthy of the element of Fire, she then left Ta-Koro to wander the volcanic wastelands of Ta-Wahi to be alone.

She’s totally an edge princess

Here’s some basic shots.

I wish I had those longer bones in trans neon orange ;-;

Her claws are still detachable and have a slightly different design.

The angle of the shot doesn’t help but her arms seem small in proportion to the legs so I might make them shorter.

And cause of the unorthodox leg build she’s really articulate XD

So this is my first time doing an in depth story so tell me how edgy it was.


2edgy4me, really cool moc I preffer her having the claws, but still


That looks hellish.

Really like the build, it’s pretty compact.


Looks great.

With the claws attached she looks a little, uh, lanky kong?


Why must you ruin this ;-; /s


Glad to be of service…? :eyes:

Anyway the MOC is pretty aight! Cute and effective. I like the use of the horns on the Protector mask as well. Flows really nicely.

Kudos for the leg design by the way…doesn’t look the best but using the balljoint like that is a super simple adjustment that makes the knee crazy articulate, like you mentioned.

As for the backstory…I mean it’s pretty edge, but can it compete with my edgestories? :stuck_out_tongue:


Really awesome shaping.

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wow, dem legz man, dem legz.

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That ball joint was there cause I couldn’t find another way to attach the red armor bit, and it kinda makes the legs look like they used to.


Personally I liked the color scheme of of the last iteration more.(going back I realize it sounded I didn’t like the black but I thought it was great for messed up toa of fire with how much it looked like charcoal) But build wise and silhouette wise this really is an improvement. The arms are better, the legs are better and I really like those claws and how the horns work with the protector mask. Although without the claws on though the arms and especially the hands look really stubby.

Also heres a nice edgy the hedgey theme for her. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5Ujs5zVkPw


Yeah I’m trying to figure out a workaround that doesn’t involve making them longer, I might just make the claws her hands entirely.

nah thats too chill, this is better :wink: (basically the song that I moulded her with)

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Cool. She looks like a hybrid of Kulta’s species and an Okotan. The claws are really nice, as well.


I love how long the arms are in comparison to the legs. That + the shoulders make her look more bestial.


dude, I freaking love that song.

Have you heard it before?

I own it!

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Is kali her brother,
But seriously this moc looks really good, this amazing

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Do you mean kahi?

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Auto correct
Bane of humanity

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