Aknex Toa of Steampunks

What in the world where did you get that ffom

I’m going to going to go out on a limb and say you were inspired by the anime queens blade becuase mechanicle robots don’t have busts or butts or anything big and visible. The limbs are the only thing I can say aren’t that bad here.

Also if you don’t give her a butt you have to give her a drill; why? Just go to my profile and look at all my female Mocs if you need to.


Please no.


This MOC suffers from an over exaggerated torso that isn’t that effective at all. It doesn’t look feminine in many ways. And the mask doesn’t work with the otherwise consistent color scheme of gunmetal and gold. The armor for the legs is well covered though, and it has some good potential. Keep working on it and see where you can go.

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Toa of Steampunks???

And The butt armor…

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I just wrote this rant on another topic, and I think it applies here too.

Sorry, but the massive posterior does not work, buddy. With a butt like that, she couldn’t bend her leg back if she tried.


Swagitty Swogitty.

T-that’s not how chests and butts work

bro, if you need help, say custom limbs or torsos just ask


This moc REALLY needs work


OK I’ll take help with images

i do think that you should use some technic pieces for your mocs , it will help alot

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Ok! So I’ve been working off a budget phone for about a year now, so I’ve gotten pretty good at making the best of bad cameras.
So you’re gonna need

  1. A very bright light source (Preferably the sun)
  2. A contrasting background (For yours I’d recommend red)
  3. A steady hand
  4. A ton of patience. You’re going to be taking a lot of pictures.

Alright, so set up your background so that the sun is hitting it from the side that your moc will be on.
Like this:

Now either lie down in front of it, or support your hand and keep taking pictures until the come out clear.
It might take a while, but as long as you let the camera focus, you’ll be A-OK!

…I should not be putting this much effort into this.


Ok, I woke up today to 12 new topics… Around 6 of which are yours, and in every single one you are spending 10 minutes building a ccbs frame and sticking random arm or pieces on it as boobs. I understand that you want to get it right, so next time you build a MOC, just take your time to build something creative, and don’t post it until it looks good.


Well, It’s not steampunk (steampunk requires tons of greebling), it’s bizarrely over-sexualized (not offensive, I just don’t get why it’s needed, and it messes up how it looks), really basic, and weirdly constructed in ways that add nothing (the feet). I also use primarily CCBS, but as a style choice (I just prefer using it for the most part). Using CCBS actually doesn’t change the quality of your MOC, nor does it make me not like it, but I just think you could have done better. If I were you, I would remove the chest plate from the butt area, use less massive breastplate pieces, and add more greebling (simply because this is meant to be steampunk). Greebling isn’t always needed, but as this is a toa of steampunk I feel it doesn’t achieve that look. I might also flip the armor on the back so that the shoulder area doesn’t look so uncovered from behind. I honestly tend to like how your MOCs seem to be improving, and I hope this feedback helps you make a better MOC in the future. I can tell you are having trouble with female MOCs, but don’t give up. Keep trying, and you could be a great MOCist soon.


this… this isn’t steampunk. there’s nothing even remotely steampunk about it.


Please stop.


OK I’ll admit this isn’t very female but people kept hating akora so I made certain features smaller
@ColdGoldLazarus stop what

Well looks like you’ve posted a lot of mocs today, but they all are very poorly built, and it seems you’ve spent so little on them it shows. The over-sexual parts aren’t good, I can understand why you would like to make a female moc, but please look up some advice before posting mocs or else your gonna get a lot of criticism that you initially weren’t expecting.