Albastru: Wielder of Cryokinesis


He belongs to the Absolute Zero Garrison


Amazing. His feet are strangely my favorite part of this moc.


I guess the Absolute Zero Garrison must have Absolute Certainly

In what?

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Their leader their cyro powers
I dunno

Only a sith deals in absolutes!


Arm idea is clever. They’re made out of energy that can extend.


Nice job with the arms.
It gives of the vibe of an alien and potent power.

cool, decently cool design and extendo-arms

Great job as always, I like the colors on this one and his extendable arms are a creative concept.

Interesting. I do like the overall design, and the very unorthodox choice of element. The foot design makes very good use of the HF armor bits, and the arms make equally good use of the trans-blue CCBS arms. Keep up the good work!

This is fantastic. I love the long arm thingos, they’re a really cool addition.

I don’t know why, but I really like the horn pieces

This guy is really cool looking. I really like this guy.
He is totally GIF worthy but I’m trying to tone my spam down a little.

The color scheme is just so good.

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Looks great! I really like the colour scheme!

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Very nice!

I’d make a new award for this, but I’m too lazy.

Have a trophy…


Eh, not a fan of those big black spikes.

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You don’t really see black and blue too often with characters conected to ice.