Alien Planet

This Discovery Channel ‘docufiction’ revolves around two robotic probes, Ike and Leo, and their search for life on the planet Darwin IV.

I remember first watching this when I was 9 and being so engaged with it. The look of each animal is bizarre but very well realized, and it’s fascinating to see the ways they interact with their environment, almost seeming like organisms that could plausibly be out there.

Have you ever seen this? What’s your favorite creature on Darwin IV?


Where can I find this?

EDIT: Nevermind, praise google.

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Oh yeah. I forgot about this. I do remember loving it. My favorite creature is the mighty groveback.


Oh, I bought this at the Denver museum of nature and science and have watched it quite a few times. It’s pretty cool stuff.

I remember this. This was so awesome to watch, especially since it was based off a book (Exhibition, I think). The fauna is unique and I especially like the Skewers (I think is what they’re called). I liked how most predators liquify their prey.

Yep You got it right.

Found it on YouTube, proceeded to watch entire thing, will probably watch again tomorrow. now I just gotta go find walking with dinosaurs


Maybe that’s another reason why I liked it so much. It was Walking with Alien Dinosaurs.


I watched this online a few months ago. And it’s amazing. The sheer diversity of the creative creatures in this great.

i really enjoy stuff like this like the future is wild, dragons a fantasy made real and this.
this was Always one of my favourites though

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I’m just gonna leave this link here.

I can’t be the only one that thought the faces on the robot probes looked like the Kanohi Pakari.

To me, they looked like the Noble Huna. They also look like animals in a way.

I also shed a tear when one of them got hurt