Altair's Mixels MOCs: Royal Lizard

Hello everyone, I’m back with a new Mixel MOC! I know I haven’t been very active lately when it comes to Lego creations, I’m really busy.

But let me introduce you to the self proclaimed sovereign of the mythical lake where one of my previous creatures, the Hydro Slasher, also lives in.

It’s this majestic Royal Lizard!

I did a bit of (very simple) math, and realized that, since there are a total of 27 Mixel tribes released by Lego, at one point I would have had to build a MOC combining three tribes instead of the usual two, so this creature is built using nine sets (which didn’t result in a size increase, though):

But anyway, this “mighty” beast is actually fairly docile, and when he’s not hunting…

… He’s just sitting there licking himself and trying to look powerful :stuck_out_tongue:.

This MOC was a nightmare to build, since most of the pieces from the tribes I used were fairly useless, or specialized, or were in a color that didn’t fit with the color scheme; so you may be able to see that I had some trouble spreading the colors evenly. That said, I think I did a nice job overall.

Here are some informative pictures!


Front (not exactly the greatest angle)


And the other side

And there you go!

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Or both!

If you’re interested, you can also check out the one I made before this

Have a great day.


The tongue really brings the whole Lizard thing together


I like it.

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10/10 would buy.


The eyes are especially great.

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The scattering of the colours are way to choppy for my liking to enjoy the form and shaping of the moc (which I can tell is nice). I can see that you’re trying to even them out but you intermingle both colours too much. try having colours exclusive to a body part/section as I think that would work better

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I love it, the tongue is my favorite part

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The head is real tasty…

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Hail the lizard king!

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Well it looks like a lizard, so that’s good.
And it’s made of Busto, so it has to be great. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some of the color distribution is a little off, but the design itself is pretty nice.

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@Calebmar12 @Leoxandar @Brunamal @Omega_Tahu @Zero @Mrblackpants @EvilLobsterKing thanks!

@Lord_Tuma I love Busto too. Thank you!

@Rockho @Stoax thanks for the feedback! As I said in the description of the MOC, I’m not entirely happy with the color distribution myself, but given the parts I had to work with I don’t think I could have done any better. That said, I found Rockho’s suggestion really interesting, so I might try that in the future.


Kinda looks like a Krayt Dragon, I like it.

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If the Mixels looked this good, I might consider considering buying them. Great job. :+1:

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This is legitimately great; makes me tempted to buy those mixels so I can recreate it for myself. Good work!

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@Hutere @Kidnapped_Sock @ColdGoldLazarus thanks!

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Looks rather adorable though also rather bored of everyone around it. I like the design, though its a little weird in places, though you are using a limited number of pieces.

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Looks great as usual. Kind of wish Lego has done something like this

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@Scarilian @BioKnight Thanks guys! Merry Christmas!

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