Altum Deses (Remote Drone)

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So, much like Raustis this is an older MOC of mine which I have tried to revive since I was fond of a few aspects from it in the beginning. This MOC is not a unique one, as in only one of this would not exist if it were in a living world, this is a mass produced protection/security drone sold under the specifications of an Altum Deses (Remote Drone). Originally his name was just Plasma Drone, though I felt like that was a bit too simple and not the most fitting so this fabrication is a controllable drone customized for all purposes depending on the order of the buyer.

All Altum Deses fabrications are powered by a plazma (plasma in Lithuanian just replaces the S with a Z and I kind of liked that, so it's plazma) condensed into rods which form a strong and long lasting power source, which unfortunately is also, very twitchy. The process used to condense the plazma into a solid form causes a very strong, yet highly combustible outer coating holding it together, which in turn will cause the highly reactive plazma within it to take out whatever is within a thirty to forty foot radius of the plazma itself, take into account that this specific model is used to protect the factory which produces these machines and the plazma which powers them and there is a very large problem. That is why all Altum Deses models have a highly protected solidified casing to ensure a less likely case of the plazma rod cases catching fire and destroying the factory, and whom ever orders them.

For the highest efficiency each Altum Desus uses 2 Plazma rods to power the left and right sides individually, resulting in less power draw throughout the machine, more quickly responding movements, and with a direct connection to the rods through the brain of the machine being within the torso this means they more close to the reflexes and mobility of living beings, only without individual thought and the ability to be altered for different tasks and functions such as weapons, bulk for either more durability or slimming thin armor for greater speeds excluding the protective plazma containment shell, making these the most advanced machines known to the beings upon the island they were constructed on, which also makes them the most safe, and depending on circumstance, the most dangerous as well.

I'm actually very happy with the backstory I gave the formerly crappy version of this MOC, and still not quite what I want it to be yet version now, the only parts I am fully satisfied with right now are the head and lower legs. This version of the Altum Deses contains a left equipped forearm with a build in blade for close range defenses, and an unfolding forearm which is to reduce wind speeds and damage to itself if something were to be blown or sucked into the blade itself since the blade can spin at speeds greater than the rotors of most military grade helicopters, the downside to this is when the forearm is open, important internals for the forearm are vulnerable if something which can cause damage manages to get past the blade itself.

On the right arm is a combination of a plazma powered explosive missile, focusing beam which can take the energy of the plazma and focus it into a less explosive and more heat based beam which can melt through most materials while also being able to be focused into beams the size of the rounded crystal itself, to about the size of a splinter to perfect and precise shots and cuts, and finally a factory exclusive all purpose key to access all the locations of the factory to ensure the entire facility is clear of intruders, which also is very sharp so if need be it can be used as a close range weapon if the left arm becomes destroyed. Both the plazma missile and focusing beam drain decent quantities of power from both of the rods within it, giving them a slight risk factor for the machine itself as it is using it's power source as weapon ammunition.

And finally, the dual cell shooters upon it's back, these can be pulled off and held under slung by the Deses and rapidly shoot out up to 500 rounds each. their primary purpose for existing is to be backup standard fuel cell batteries in case a connection between the Plazma rods and the Deses is severed somehow, the backup power will keep the Deses functioning in case of an emergency, though it's reflexes and mobility will drastically drop as a result of this since the power source is less efficient and drained much more quickly.

I actually plan to continue improving this MOC to look more solid since I'm still trying some things to figure out more solid looking builds, and also make many more with different weapons, tools, body builds, with the two returning traits they have being the silver back cover, and their heads. The whole reason I even brought this back at all was the head design I made a long while ago, and the fact that this was one of the few MOCs with a backstory I had, much like Raustis. And despite the fact I am by far not done trying to figure out how to thicken up and solidify this MOC, I still wanted to put it up just to see what others thought of the idea, and the build I'm going for so far. sure, black and silver are boring, though they are just machines mean't to be customized for different tasks depending on the order of whom buys one, so I think it works alright. I do hope to get some opinions from people on what they feel would improve it however, and look forward to it even.


This is a really thick and solid MOC!

Thank you for the compliment, though I'm not sure of "solid" is really a word that can describe him yet, I'm still very out of practice with MOCing in some ways as far as removing annoying holes, gaps, and making joints seamlessly flush together, though I'm hoping I can figure our how I can fix that at some point. Either way, thank you very much.

Is it possible to move it's ankles?

The ankles can indeed move, though only with a tilt to the left and right, as well as move backwards, due to how the leg armor is built it cannot bend forward yet, I intend to find a workaround for that however. I plan on working much more on him, and other versions of him in the future once I acquire better parts and improve my building techniques to make him more solid looking so he has less gaps in his final version, I just figured I would see what people thought of the idea/concept I had thus far.

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Well I like the concept.

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Thank you very much, Hopefully I'm able to make them look much better than this when I get to work on the next version, and maybe even expand upon the idea more if I can figure a way to do so.

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