Alucinor's written review for 2016

Hello, alucinor here this is a review of the entire wave, which persists of build, color schemes, and concept. So without further ado, let’s begin.

I personally find the torso to be too long causing sets, such as lewa, to have, or appear to have, short limbs. Yet I personally do enjoy the posing the waist, especially with umarak and other characters to that effect. Now moving onto the unity forms, I enjoy the fact that the functions of both characters do not hinder each other, they are very much in unison, I also enjoy the fact that any creature can combine with any Toa, as well as umarak. Now I just want to say something about umarak, he has a function hidden in his armor, his shoulder pads and claws into a shadow trap

Color scheme-
The color scheme on all of the characters is consistent for the most part, and they look like a team when put next to each other, yet I have one complaint, silver creature masks, the color of the mask goes from gold to silver to a translucent color, which bothers me personally.

I love the concept of unity with the creatures, I also think the creature and toa’s mask fitting together is amazing and displays unity very well, the cohesion of creature and Toa is beautiful.

Yeah, this doesn’t count as a review, but more as an overall thought on 2016’s first wave. I’ll put in in the 2016 topic, but this really isn’t a review, at least by the guidelines.

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