The evil Guurahk is attacking the village in Ga-Koro! Use the shooters in the boat and the catapult to distract the villain, and use Gali in her all new Nuva form to defeat the Rahkshi and save Ga-Koro! (each set sold separately)

Features include stud shooters, a catapult and exploding sand castle

Set includes buildable Gali Nuva, Turaga Nokama and Matoran Macku figures as well as a buildable Guurahk

Set name: Ambush in Ga-Koro
Set number: 8710
Piece count: 319
Price: $30

So that´s it, just a fun build I decided to put in the contest, please share your thoughts on it and good luck to everyone in the contest.

(also thanks @Chilly for help on the matoran)


That Rahkshi is just awesome. I could imagine this being a more 20 dollar set IRL, but regardless I love the small builds and the platforms! The tree is also pretty neat. The functions are good too.


What a neat concept, the size of the rahkshi compared to the other figures makes it that much more menacing. Not to mention the play value in the terrain too. Good work.


This is fantastic looking! The Rahkshi is super neato, and the figures are great looking too. The scenery adds a lot and really sets the scene quite nicely. Great work, I’d buy it. :smile:


I don’t know which I like more: The matoran or the Rakshi.


As the creator I personally preffer the Rahkshi, as it took quite the effort to make it menacing as well as playable, and the matoran are ok too but again, chilly made the design.


Ooh I actually like this, nice job. Might wanna zoom in next time, though.


thanks! and yeah, this is my first time using LDD so I wasn´t sure how to, thanks for the tip though.


I render my photos at 1500x1500, just crop those in Photoshop/whatever you use

I just got the Protector… label, what is that


The Protector badge is just a ranking on the boards that you get after being active in a variety of topics.

It’s a pretty interesting build, though I would trade out the guns on the side of the boat with the brick varient, take out the catapult and add those pieces to the hut, and give the Rahkshi fingers instead of clips.


I love the Guurahk, but the set seems kinda pricy, I also don’t really like the look of the stud launchers on the staff Since they have that little pin sticking out the side.

I feel that using a different coloured rahkshi would help the set pop a bit more. As is, all the characters are blue so it kinda looks like they might be all part of the same faction or something to the uninitiated. Tuurahk would contrast the set the best I think.

Why is gali holding two sonic screwdrivers? Is she the doctor?

The Rahkshi is tooooooo big!

Very nice. I love the Rahkshi.

Nice, I like how the palm tree looks and the exploding sand castle. The Rahkshi too has a nice design, even if it is a little on the large side.

don’t have any complaints tbh,this is pretty good

that rahkshi is freaking huge thought(not that that’s a bad thing)


Absolutely love the Rahkshi. Everything else is cool to. Das it.

At first I thought it was perfect, and it is really good, but at second glance, I think you should have made the Rahkshi a different color so the set wouldn’t blur together so much.

I love how you built Ga-Koro, but man, @Mesonak pointed it out that it looks like they’re being attacked by Sonic the Hedgehog and I can’t unseen it