Amphibax revamp

A while ago, I already built a Gawalai (Amphibax’s species) MOC. But that one was a little oversized. So I decided recently to scrap it and build an actual Amphibax revamp that fits Inika scale.

Not too big a fan of the whip hand myself, though. Does the job, but not really more. I prefer the look with two hands.

Despite the MOC being relatively small, the waist joint is sadly already near its limit of what it can bear in terms of posability, as are some joints on the legs. Really can’t build anything without friction sockets these days…

And here’s a close-up of the side of the head. I’m pretty pleased with that one actually, also considering it was only like a 10 minute thing to figure out. I never was a big fan of the original Amphibax’s head - it looks kinda unfinished. The snout here really helps a lot, I think.

Guess I’m slowly revamping the Dark Hunters now, too…

Anyways, C&C appreciated, hope you enjoy!


I like that you have the same Inika-guy for scale in all your MOCs. I love the revamp, too! It looks good with the shoulder armor!


Phenomenal- I especially like the leg design


Really nice revamp. I quite like the color blocking and shaping this moc has, overall a very cool take on the character. Good job on ol’ Amphibax