An Abundance of Chibis

Did any of you ever use the Chibi Maker created by DeviantArt user “gen8” back in the day? I know I did. I became quite obsessed with it in high school, making (humanized) chibi versions of all the characters from Transformers: Prime as well as most of my real-life friends and acquaintances. At one point I created a chibi version of my (short-lived) BZPRG character. But I never realized my vague ambition of chibifying all the major canon characters from BIONICLE…until now. Of course these are all humanized interpretations, which I know is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you would be interested in seeing a massive number of BIONICLE characters interpreted in super-deformed anime style, stay tuned. I’ll be posting these periodically over the next few weeks.

Admittedly I’m not sure whether this really qualifies as “artwork” exactly, as it 1) involves the use of visual materials originally drawn by someone else, even if combined in new ways, and 2) it is incredibly inane (By the way, I am capable of creating real artwork using my own hands and drawing/painting supplies! Really! Check out my DeviantArt account under this same username if you don’t believe me!). Nonetheless I could think of no better forum in which to post it. And a BIONICLE community seems, to me, almost uniquely suited to appreciate the type of creativity that involves assembling images of characters from a limited array of preexistent bits and pieces which must occasionally be interpreted in unexpected ways.

I shall start, of course, with the Toa Mata:








“A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.”
― Oscar Wilde



Ouch. I’ll admit, I did not actually expect a response this vehemently negative. But apparently it is not possible to delete a thread.

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Calm, friend. I have a reputation to uphold; nobody is actually out for blood. Sardonic boards humor is often prevalent.


Ignore Ghid, he’s like this.

I for one, rather like it, though I do think Lewa would be better served with an Axe, as opposed to Scythe.

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Oh no they’re multiplying!

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Calm, friend. I have a reputation to uphold; nobody is actually out for blood. Sardonic boards humor is often prevalent.

Oh. Well, okay.

I do think Lewa would be better served with an Axe, as opposed to Scythe.

I completely agree! However, the Chibi Maker does not include any axe elements among the various tools a character can hold, so I had to make do with the next closest thing. I have had to make similar concessions with many other characters, which I will try to explain where they occur.

On to the next set: The Turaga of Mata Nui. I’m afraid that all of them besides Vakama are missing their tools, of which the Chibi Maker had not even vague equivalents.

Vakama. The long beard felt appropriate both as a signifier of his role as the archetypal old wizardly mentor and as a visual representation of the thing sticking out of the bottom of the Noble Huna.

Nokama with a text she has been translating.

Whenua. He also has a book, in this case because his specialty is history.



Onewa, looking cantankerous and irritable as usual.


lol these are hilarious

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Okay, Matau is way too accurate.

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Next up is the Chronicler’s Company. One rule I’ve come up with is that in this hypothetical BIONICLE anime universe, Matoran mostly have normal human hair colors, but these change to fantastical colors associated with their elements when they transform into Toa. I didn’t adhere to this rule too strictly, though. A few Matoran have oddly colored hair if I think it improves their design (Kapura, for instance, since everything about him MUST be red). Also, Av-Matoran are an exception because they can change their hair color the way canon Av-Matoran can change the color of their armor.

Takua. The pencil = the Chronicler’s staff, of course. For writing on the Wall of History.

Kapura, looking relaxed as one would expect. I gave some of the other Fire characters spiky flame-like hair, but his is meant to recall dripping lava, sort of.

Macku. The braid is meant to recall the “beard” on the Huna vaguely.

Taipu. He’s very excited.

Tamaru, wearing a swimsuit and feeling terrified of heights. I went with the “Tamaru is actually Yellow and Green, not Lime and Teal” theory for this.


Hafu. Note the phenotypic similarity to Taipu.


Here come more McToran, this time the future Toa Inika/Mahri:

Jaller. I had an idea early on that the Ta-Matoran would wear special armored boots to protect against the heat of rocks floating in lava, etc. and you can see them here, as well as on the Tahu chibi. I think I forgot about them after making Jaller, though…oh well.

Hahli with her iconic satchel and flower.


Kongu. The goggles are for piloting Gukko.


Hewkii with a Kolhii ball. And love hearts to indicate his affection for Macku, haha.


A few more matoran of Mata Nui:

Kotu with one of the Rahi she tends. I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of that octopus…stay tuned for more uses of that accessory.


Midak, delighted by a lightstone lantern.

Ahkmou, holding a comet he wants to sell you. How could you not trust a smile like that?


Here are the Toa Nuva. The Chibi Maker allows you to add one of a handful of types of facial tattoo to a character, such as these silvery blue markings, which I imagine are veins of energized protodermis shining through the Nuva’s skin. I gave most of them slight Expository Hairstyle Changes as well.

Tahu Nuva. His fire is blue now, since blue fire is hotter.

Gali Nuva. Once again the scythe element stands in for an axe…

Onua Nuva.

Lewa Nuva.

Kopaka Nuva.

Pohatu Nuva.


Makuta (Teridax).

I haven’t done any of the 2001-2003 villain sets (Rahi, Bohrok, Rahkshi…) other than Teridax, since they’re all so animalistic that I feel I cannot really represent them using this extremely humanoid-focused Chibi Maker. So the next post will start in on 2004.


Time for the Toa Metru…

Vakama with goggles for welding and a backpack full of Great Disks.


Whenua with one of the animals from the Archives he curates. Specifically Graalok the Ash Bear.





Metruan time! Except for Ahkmou, since I already did him.

Nuhrii, feeling annoyed that Vakama has surpassed him.

Vhisola, looking at Nokama with infatuation.

Tehutti, thinking of how much prestige he’ll earn with that new exhibit…



And also Mavrah! In a bathing suit with goggles, with one of his sea beast friends sitting on his head. Told you I’d be getting a lot of use out of that octopus.

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