An ever-growing madness [Magna Stories Poster]

Ackar: “I have never seen such a large army before!”
Nuparu: “Your brotherhood army was already large…but that’s another scale.”
Commander Azolok: “Even I doubt that we will win this battle. I miscalculated everything…Change of plans. We will help you defend New Atero.”
Jaller: “Why that change of mind all of a sudden?”
Commander Azolok: “What use is it to rule over a city that has been obliterated…”

That’s somehow a small backstory to what my poster represents. Velika, a Great Being who wants to rule over Spherus Magna, plans to take over New Atero and destroy it completely. Fear will rise in every corner of the planet and his ruling madness won’t stop. The Brotherhood has decided to help the Magna Legion to protect this world from destruction.

They are very similar to my other posters I made. You can visit my other topic to know more about Velika and his army( Velika's Army [Magna Stories] ) as well as my other art poster topic( A war rages on [Magna Stories Poster] ).
You can also find more on my blog :


As good as this is, what’s with the Bastions? Maybe it has something to do with this story of your’s, but I don’t know.

Read the topic to know more why they look like Bastions :slight_smile:

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Oh. That’s actually pretty cool.

Sweet! Love the style of this. Would love to see more.

Here is a small list with poster ideas:

  • The Rock Tribe Divided
  • Showing off one of my MOC with the title “Hope” or something like that
  • Brotherhood and Velika confrontation
    Any other suggestion?

Those are all great! My favorite is the hope one, cuz I like hope.

But I don’t have any good suggestions.

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