An Official Statement Regarding Kini Hawkeye

HAH, PSYCH, GOT CHU WITH THAT TITLE DIDN’T I. YOU EXPECTED THIS TO BE SOMETHING BAD WELL BUCKLE UP BOIYOS, BECAUSE depending on how you feel this’ll either be cause for celebration or deep, deep depression. As your Admin I expect the latter.

The day is finally here. After nearly 10 years on-and-off as an active member of TTV, it’s time for me to move on from my position and responsibilities.

My journey in the Bionicle fandom started around 2009 when I joined BZP. In the years that followed, I would be one of the many who floated around the interwebz following the Great Dataclysm, eventually settling on the BZPC and from there, getting swept up in this crazy thing called iBZP – eventually becoming TTV. I have always taken a certain amount of pride in being the “hidden” TTV member and being asked if I am actually part of TTV was never going to get old, but it has simply become time for me to move on.

December will be my last semester of university, after which I will have obtained my Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Marketing, and minoring in Business Law. Additionally, I have started a business booking local musicians shows and assisting with career management, and I am realizing that I cannot focus on those responsibilities and focus on my responsibilities to TTV at the same time. While I have no intention of leaving the fandom (and am pleased to note that there’s fun stuff coming down the pipeline that I am super excited to be a small part of in this fandom!) it is time for me to take a step back, not just for my own sake, but to give room for new voices as well.

As such, this is by no means the end. I will still kick around occasionally on the boards, and I have every intention of remaining an active part of the fandom. For the first time in years I am excited and looking forward to being “just” another Bionicle fan. I look forward to seeing what this incredible community does in the coming years, and I look forward even more so to contributing more directly to other projects. Zatth, Keplers, and myself might have some fun (and very dumb) Bionicle deep-dives “coming soon™”, and I am going to finally take the time to get some of the ridiculous theories and random observations I have made over the years thinking about Bonkle onto paper. I’m also incredible excited to say that the community should be keeping their eyes and ears open for some exciting things that some of the other Acronyms in the fandom are going to be announcing soon :wink:

I also want to make abundantly clear that this is a choice made solely by myself, despite what the title might imply. I am parting with TTV in good faith, and I have worked to ensure that my departure will have the least effect possible on the boards.

I also want to take a moment to say how proud I am of this community. The resilience shown by the Bionicle fandom is truly incredible, and whether you support the canon contests or not, they remain a peak example of just how invested you are as a group. Hold onto that and one day we will get Bionicle back the way we deserve – even if we have to make it ourselves.

Since this is not goodbye (and because I’m insane), my Discord is Hawks Requiem#2788. Feel free to approach with inane conversations, questions, requests for advice, and/or job opportunities :P.

If you are one of those people I have interacted with on the boards, humor me because I would love to see if anything stood out during my tenure (I imagine most of it bad :P) and if we have not, then I look forward to hopefully getting in touch when I am not helping to administrate the boards. To the Board ModSquad retired and otherwise, thank you for your contributions and for helping either to keep me sane or drive me to insanity. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

It’s been a long 10 years, and I look forward to the next.

Kini Hawkeye.


Thank you for your many years committed to the fandom, Kini. I know myself and countless others were touched by your presence and will continue to be touched by your actions afterward.

I would at this time like to submit my credentials to pick up where Kini has left off, providing my skills and experiences to TTV as a full member.

Resume has been removed due to legal difficulties. Just know it existed and it will end up on Eljay’s desk.




that’s possible?


Don’t care what anyone says, this post is priceless art.

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Thank you for your years of service

Also TTV hire @Keplers he deserves to be in charge of your whole operation


ttv you need more youths on your team hire me


Have a nice retirement, old soldier.


I’d feel apprehensive about hiring the guy who chiseled his contact info into kini’s tombstone, personally.
Dunno if that’s just me though, maybe that’s just how y’all do business?

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Goodbye for now my friend.

I support this.

(And also this was the plan all along cool y’alls jets ;P)


If anything tacking his contact info on someone’s gravestone shows how tenacious he truly is, it makes him more qualified

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yeah, it’s funny.
still feel like it’s a bit of a bruh moment even if it was planned though

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I didn’t know you got that long (because I joined the boards a year ago) but you were always super helpful and moderatory (I couldn’t think of any other descriptive words. I’m tired, it’s been a long day. Thanks for all that you’ve done, you shall be missed. Piece out my dude!

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Godspeed, Kini. You may have been a ghost on the channel all these years, but your spirit haunted the Message Boards to great effect. Thanks for all the help over the years, and “I wish you luck in your future endeavors.” :stuck_out_tongue:


That title really scared me, gave me flashbacks (Despite the fact I wasn’t around when all that drama went down in the past)

Wait how can god retire

Are you retiring as of this moment or will you run things say for the duration of the rest of this current term contest?

I only reached out to the community last year, my time is only beginning so it is sad to see a change this big happen but I’m glad you’re still here to stay. I’ve always appreciated your tactful statements on topics and it’s been an honour having you as our admin.



I think the word you’re looking for is “laying the smackdown”.

But seriously Kini, thanks for everything you did to help make these contests run a little smoother.


It took a lot of figuring, but turns out that when you’re god you’re actually allowed to retire. Who knew.

Unfortunately I’m actually coming on to a massive set of final exams so If i’m able to help during the contests it’ll ultimately just be with some random stuff - I’ve already removed my mod perms and Meso’s been kind enough to complete the process (turns out you can’t de-admin yourself, who knew)


Ngl, that title got me a little

Of course I never knew you personally, but by virtue of being the main mod/admin I’ve seen on the boards aside for Meso and Eljay, I’ve appreciated your cool, disarming responses in the midst of heated arguments this past year. Your inputs in discussions were appreciated, and you knew when to put your foot down when need be. If there were more people like you, boards everywhere would be better places.

And congratulations on being nearly done with your degree! It’s been a crazy time to finish school and officially enter “the real world,” but it seems like you’ve got a solid base to land on. Good luck with all of your future endeavors!

Oh, and one last thing:

Welcome to the madhouse :wink:


Thank you for many gread jobs and kind, Mr.Hawkeye! :relieved: :relieved: :gift_heart:
your sincerity is absolutely one of reasons to my entry of TTV, thanks again!!

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