An original mask I recently designed.



It looks nice, a lot of colors going on but looks good. Makes me think of an Anthron.

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Nice. Does it have a power?

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allows the user to temporarily control any of the elements in the matoran universe on a sub toa level, and only one at a time. basically no channeling the element into weapons, no nova blasts, and no innate abilities of the element.

i know that seems a little op on its own but in my stories, elemental control is something that was tapped into by other beings.


so just toa elemental powers but way weaker?

It’s definitely interesting. Gives me some Gavla vibes

Look sorta like an arthron, neat.

i like a way i think greg put this, is lewa is cyclones matau was a stiff breeze. this mask would allow for about a dust devil id say.


What program did you use? I’ve been thinking of designing some custom Glatorian helmets.

believe it or not,


Looks pretty nice, though the proportions feel a bit off to me. The lower part of the mask feels too tall and the upper part feels too short, imo.

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Definitely has a lot more colors than a standard Kanohi. I’d try reducing it to one color and work on its shape/silhouette rather than have lots of color going on.


personally i find at least 2 colors to work best of most masks especially for characters that arnt toa. give a bit more character than one solid color

my concern is that, by having it be multicolored, you don’t get as much of a chance to perfect the shape of the mask. I’m not too big of a fan of the shape here, it feels a bit too round for a Kanohi. I’m used to seeing more indents and other details.

you must really not like the noble rau