Angel & Devil MOC With Wing Functions

Angel and Devil MOCS

I made these Mocs with only 14 sets: BIONICLE 2015, Nokama, Lego technic quad bike. I've added a video featuring their gear functions.


they seem like alright mocs. Like some of the styling on them. Devil's lower legs and scythe could use some work. OTher then that lovely animation and builds. I also like that little metru-cover with the masks

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Nice job, these really capture the angel and devil idea. The only problem I would say it the angels lower legs. Otherwise, these are great!

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please don't double post. Just edit things into your last post unless you're updating with some pics

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@JMP sorry about that. I used iOS to post this and sometimes, the reply button doesn't work or it lags. I'm still noob at this

I love the flapping wing functions.

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These are cool, and by Mata-kimu, those gear boxes are sweet...