Anahera, The Angel of Light

For once I tried to make a MOC look female without overdoing it for her character.

Long ago in the Great Spirit Robot, there lived a race a powerful angel-like biomechanical beings that oversaw the work of the Matoran in the Matoran universe. These beings intervene in case an event of great devastation occurs to the universe. When the Mutant Assassin was created by the brotherhood of Makuta, a noble powerful warrior by the name of Anahera was assigned to stop the clone from rampaging throughout the universe. She was later given the task of also keeping the Princess of Jungle under control from seeking revenge as she grew in power as well, since the clone killed her people. Thus, she serves as a peacekeeper between the two.

So I wanted to create an angel MOC for a pretty long time. When I first created her, she was a pretty basic Toa Master build with only the standard arm swinging function. However, that got pretty boring after a while and I wanted something a little bit different.I wanted to give her a flapping wing function. The MOC still looked too masculine for me, so I then overhauled it over trial and error. The idea for the gear box wing flapping function goes to a user by the name of LGNui; I thought that was a really excellent idea to give the MOC more playability (at the cost of more top heaviness, can’t have it all).

For more playability, she also has a shield that can fire Rhotuka spinners. These not only have light elemental abilities but also have the power to pacify belligerent beings.

So unlike my two other female MOCs, I wanted this MOC to look feminine but not have overtly sexualized features. This was done for three reasons. One it was because doing so would detract from her overall duty which was to bring order and justice to the Matoran Universe. Two, it was because she is supposed to represent beings that are holy. Three, members of this race are dressed and armored up modestly, so it’s also a cultural thing. Originally, I had the rear looking the same way as Hangara, but with some thought, I decided to get rid of it because mainly of the first two reasons. However, the CCBS piston details on her thighs to make her hips look wider, giving a sense of femininity. Her shoulders also have very minimal armor on them.

Even though she is top heavy, she can still pose sensibly without tipping over when balanced correctly.

Her name comes from the Maori word that simply means “angel”. Along with her light based abilities, she also wears a modified Kanohi Avohkii to boost her powers, although she is one of the few beings to not need to wear a mask.

As usual, praise and/or criticism is welcome. Just make sure to keep it constructive. Thanks and enjoy!!


It looks great but i feel the nuva chest is a bit out of place


it looks okey…

Yeah, I think it clashes with other colors.

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It’s a bit scattered.

I’d say the biggest thing to fix is shortening the torso and changing the Inika shoulder plate. It messes with the flow.

To much texturing going on here. Also, the layering in the upper legs is off.

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The armor doesn’t flow, and clashing textures.


I’m actually relieved by reading these comments. If the only thing I have to do is de-clutter the MOC somewhat, I think I did a pretty good job, particularly on a female MOC. Of couse, no MOC is perfect. there are always going to be some flaws, but if those flaws have nothing to do with the MOC looking feminine, I think I am on the right track.

With this MOC, the main problem with the torso looking elongated is the fact that it has a friction extender in the waist, which is absolutely needed this time due to the weight of the gear boxes if she is going to pose properly. I could probably give her the same torso build of the 2016 sets with the gear function in the waist though. Unfortunately, I really only have one set with this build and that is Umarak the Hunter. I really don’t want to take poor Umarak apart. Plus I’m kind of on a budget.

I can probably get rid of the texturing upper thighs and just say that the stomach is the “Bonkle Looking” tecture.

I really do appreciate the critiques though. I just don’t know how to implement them yet.

I need a break from female MOCs.

I would recommend this. I would recommend practicing what is easiest for you and gradually branching out.


Ok, so I made a few changes. One of the purposes of the changes was to save weight, particularly in the wing gear box. I got rid of the silver feathers in the wings. Not only does it look better but the flapping function also works a lot better. She can also stand better too which is awesome.

Another change I made was to the torso. I simply replaced the white Inika shoulder plate with a silver one so that it would blend in better with the Nuva chest. May not fit the rest of the MOC, but the only way to connect the CCBS shells is with a ball joint or pin connector piece with a ball joint built into it. Using that would make her look pregnant, which I don’t want. The Nuva chest not only gives the impression of a bust, but it is also the component holding the head and neck upright. So it serves a far more important purpose.

Finally, to simplify the MOC and to save weight even further, I got rid of the texturing in the thighs. The MOC looked too busy with them on. Still looks feminine enough.

Also, the point of the elongated torso. I really did try my best to fit the limb proportions to the torso length, since she really needs the friction extender in order to pose properly. On another point, this MOC is not of the Matoran or Toa species and I don’t think should have exact human proportions. I think the elongated tall and slim look makes her look more like a divine entity. But to each their own though I guess.

This is going to be my last female MOC for a while.

Here are the pics

By the way, I cannot get enough of the flapping function now. Very fun to play with overall.