Lady Ataa, Makuta of Spherus Magna

Haven’t been on here in a couple months, mainly because I was busy. This MOC is a few months old and it was built as I wanted a dark counterpart to my angel moc. Honestly, I feel like it needs something as she is kind of basic. By the way, it’s really too bad that Bionicle is dead.

So a new threat arose in Spherus Magna 1000 years after the reformation. Ataa’s origins are a complete mystery as all of the Makuta other than Miserix are deceased. Ataa’s tattered wings do give a clue to her origins though. Her powers however are much stronger than Teridax’s and she is far more cunning.

So I based this MOC mainly off of LadyDevimon with a few features borrowed from Nivawk.

As a comparison, here is Anahera and Ataa together.


It took me too long to realise that it did not have some kind of amazing antenna…


That’s blasphemy right there :stuck_out_tongue:

Like, she drinks Starbucks while wearing her Ugg boots and just can’t even?

I was talking about her construction.