Anime Discussion your thoughts and opinions on any anime

is there any anime that you want to talk about like things that were wrong with it, things that stood out, things you liked things that didnt make sense you know anything at all

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changed title to avoid confusion

We have a topic for anime.

The topic you're referring to is titled "Favorite Anime?" correct? Well this one seems to be more about a positive and negative discussion focus, so it can stay.

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I believe @Shadezy and I are in agreement when I say



I'm currently watching Gurren Lagann and I just finished Sword Art Online II. I'd like to know what anime everyone's watching currently and recently finished anime

Would manga count?

Yeah manga counts because with out manga we wouldnt have anime

@Brocklegomaster I'm currently watching season 2 of Log Horizon which it is an
interesting show because if you have played an mmorpg this goes into
detail of how the mechanics of the game works. Even if you havent played
an mmorpg you can get into this show quickly if you find it interesting
and it also has a lot of character development. I also Just finished
watching irregular at magic highschool

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Just got around to watching Death Note. I am on episode 20 something. I only watch one anime at a time. The last one I watched was Psycho-Pass.

My thoughts when I see weabos saying kawaii and desu in public.


Has anyone else been watching the Japan Animator Expo short films? They're all pretty fun.

A fair warning for those who aren't familiar with the shorts: most of them contain nudity and adult themes. If your mom doesn't allow you to watch anything raunchy, they're not for you.

Then there's me, I watch Transformers and Teen Titans...


Hayao Miyazaki is a genius! I love all his work.
Spirited Away is my second favorite movie of all time, followed closely with Howls Moving Castle. His work is timeless.

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The only (episodic) anime I've finished watching is Death Note. Might be my favorite show ever. I loved every second of it, even if the ending... could have been better.
I've also been looking into Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet and Tiger & Bunny, both of which have been very good so far (only about 4 episodes into each). Watched about half of the first set of SAO, but haven't taken the time to finish.
Aaaand I read Attack on Titan and Bleach. Love both of them completely. smiley Trying to get into Soul Eater a little...
Good grief, I'm all over the place with this stuff.

Gurren Lagann.
That is all.


Me I try to take it one at a time, so that I can/will finish which ever one Im watch

"Just who da hell do you think I am!?"

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Just to relaunch the topic, what are your thoughts on the 2015 animes people ?
I personally took a strong liking to DanMachi (i use this name not because i'm a weeb but just look up it's full name you'll see)
It's like the first half of the first season of SAO, it's awesome.
Blood Blockade BattleFront ; seemed kinda cool at first, i'm just loving it now + and end song so sweet you get diabetees from listening to it
I also started Seraph of the End, looks pretty cool.
But waddabout your thoughts people ?

I'm actively watching only two shows this season: Hibike! Euphonium and Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu. I've also watched an episode or two of Etotama, Ninja Slayer From Animation and the second season of both Unlimited Blade Works and Nisekoi.

Euph is brilliant. Kumiko is the most relatable anime character I think I've ever seen but that's just me, the side characters feel well-established already with distinct ambitions and personalities, the music is top-notch. I highly recommend this one.

Nagato Yuki-chan, on the other hand, is really weak. The character design is enjoyable but that's about it. It's yet another boring slice-of-life anime, only with familiar characters. Watch it only if you're really desperate for more Haruhi but the again, you could rewatch the original series.

Ninja Slayer feels like Inferno Cop with too long episodes and "too good" animation, Nisekoi is still a bore and I might just drop it entirely and Etotama has actually good-looking stylized 3DCGI but is otherwise forgettable.

Seeing as this is somewhat relevant to the question at hand, I would like to mention that I'm still watching these. Oh baby, these shorts are a real treat! Drop everything you're currently watching and go watch some real art. I Can Friday By Day and Obake-chan are my favourites. And just to remind the youngsters:

Did I just quote my entire last post? Yes, and I have no regrets. Anima(tor) Expo is the best thing that has come out of Japan recently.

[Jojo hype intensifies]

Also anyone see the feelstorm that is Your Lie in April last season?