Anonymous Mafia 2: Cry for Blood

List of People: will be udated daily, unless I forget. if I do, just remind me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@TBT_Emerald killed Day 2
@Hutere killed Day 1
@Maethorneth killed Night 1

Roles are:
4 mafia
2 coroners
1 investigator
1 defender
1 special role

Mafia get 2 attempts to kill someone, if both attempts are stopped, then nobody dies. also, more than one mafia may appear at a time.

so yey, the game starts in 24 and 55 minutes. commence the countdown


I’m in love.


What do you mean “more than one Mafia can appear at one time”? Do the Mafia not work together here?

they do, but more than one can appear on a suspect lists.


No, two attempts, a separate mafia will have to make the other attempt.

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Hey guys.

Looks like I get a second chance to survive this time, since last time I was unfairly executed. :frowning:



Maybe you can chronicle the things that go on here.


Aren’t you the tsa. Isn’t that your job.

A lot of people were unfairly executed last time :worried:

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TSA? Brosif, I hate flying. I think you meant NSA.


Dude, TSA is Airport security.
They don’t actually go on The flight.

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I still want to be as far away from a plane as I can.

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Did you you here about that guy that tried to smuggle a bag of baby snakes on a plane.




Well. We will once someone gets murdered.

#Day 1

The villagers collected outside the village, many of them covered in soot that had fallen when the bombs had went off. Apparently they hadn’t killed all the mafia last time, and now they were back with a vengeance. The villager leader addressed the village. “We cannot stay here anymore, so we will begin moving out tomorrow, after we salvage what we can from the rubble.” The villagers organized themselves in groups, and went into the burnt compound to search for supplies…

@Hutere, @Shadower, @Dragon_Ben, and @Maethorneth were in one group. They had been sent to the sausage compound to salvage sausages and other valuable stuff, but mainly sausage. They split up, and went into separate areas of the building. Afterwards they collected outside and found @AdamusTheFirst waiting with a cart full of other salvaged goods. After looking at the group for a second, he commented “Weren’t there 4 of you guys?” The Group of three quickly dropped the sausages into the Adamus’ cart and quickly ran inside, much to the surprise of the cart manager. They came back out pulling a @Hutere, and quickly laid him on the cart. When they made it back to the main group, everyone wanted to act surprised, but couldn’t. They knew they hadn’t escaped the mafia…

Hutere had been killed by Sausage suffocation at approximately 11:00, 2 hours into the 3 hour search. the suspects are:

@Shadower: Came back with signifacantly more sauage than everyone else
@Dragon_Ben: Came back with less sausage then the average person should have, claims that his pet dragon was hungry
@Maethorneth: Came back witha normal amount of sausage, but was also in the area closest to @Hutere
@AdamusTheFirst: Was waiting outside the building, and wasn’t panicked when they realized Hutere was gone

12 Hours to vote, you may change your vote once, anything not in Bold won’t count

Have fun!


Mmm… Sausage. Now I’m hungry. Let the speculation… BEGIN!

I died immediately…
Should I be flattered?


I’ve never been killed, so I would.

Just for clarification. Does this mean Hutere had a sausage blocking his air way until he suffocated?

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