AnthonyM's MOCs: Zakonu, the Spacewalker (Self-MOC)

For your viewing pleasure.

Zakonu is an inventor from the far future. He's a popular icon in the fighters' apparel industry, thanks to his company, Zakonutech.

Zakonu has created multiple inventions, ranging from the Hologram Armor to the M39 Futran Blaster. Heck, he even uses his inventions on galactic treks. He wears the M40 Cosmohunter, a suit with a pair of retractable blades, Amunahium fuel supply belt, and a Screenface Monitor.

Ever since recovering a time machine, Zakonu has taken his adventures back in time to the land of Okoto, several thousand years in the past.


that colour scheme tho


Funky color scheme. Nice moc. smiley

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Honestly, the build is pretty good, but the colors hurt my eyes. I'd say pick two or three colors and roll with those.


I actually like the color scheme, I really do. It's layered almost perfectly, and it's really just Orange, Black, Red, and Blue.


The build is really cool and the color scheme is really interesting too look at. I like the use of the transparent pieces too. 8/8

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And a little hint of yellow. Such can be found in the hover boots (present in Zakonu's newest form), the reflector shields, and the back.

Color scheme is actually inspired by Vapour, one of the year-one HF villains.

If anyone wants to check out the whole album, and other MOCs, I have a Flickr and I go by the same name. (Mobile users will see my actual name.)

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Sup TrueArena! I'd give this topic a read smile

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This looks fantastic, but there might be too many different shades of blue and orange, and when they are in such small amounts it looks weird, such as the single studs on the feet.

The bulk of the color scheme (or at least my intention) is trans-reddish-orange, blue, and black. Reds and yellows are mainly there for detail.

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It's just weird that there is four different blues, and two oranges. tangerine tangerine Other than that, the guy looks great. He'd be better with Velociraptor legs though...

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he looks.. trippy


The translucent parts are mainly supposed to represent Zakonu's invention, the Zakonutech Hologram Armor.

Oh! That sounds unpractical and awesome! You should write a bio for him. smile

I'll probably write his bio here, since Flickr Mobile has a character limit.

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I always love the blue/orange colorscheme. It's very... Shocking.

This guy has a really neat, almost alien look to him. I like it quite a bit! Some of the techniques that you used aren't amazing, but he's so stylistically cool overall that it doesn't bother me.

Well done!


Thanks for the comment. An alien look was kinda what I was going for.

I actually did say WHAT my color scheme was inspired by in a previous comment. (If you didn't already see it, it was the HF villain Vapour.)

Yeah, I noticed. Figured I'd complement it anyways. wink

I knew it! Vapor popped in my head when I saw it. Awesome moc, I really like it.

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  • Torso build is OK, but
  • Color scheme is kind of out-there/ I would recommend two main colors then one highlight wink
  • The head looks pretty strange, mainly because the Technic and system don't mesh well
  • The armor on the fore-arms stick too far out
  • The chest seems to stick out a bit too far
  • His butt-rocket looks pretty bad
  • Overall use of system doesn't work very well

I would give this MOC a 4/10.
He does have a few good things going for it, but with an atrocious color scheme and some strange building options, its cons kind of overcomes its pros.

Needs Work confused

I am sorry if my mini-review was too harsh

I like the bio- it's very... Unique