Anubis: King of Judgment

Being Egyptian, and having created a few MOC's of the Egyptian gods myself in physical LEGO as well as LDD, and having seen Likus' Putuah, I felt a bit left out of all the fun. So I present to you my latest LDD rendition of the famous God of Embalming, Judgment, and the Underworld*.

Anubis (LDD MOC) by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr

*It is worth noting that an Egyptian God is often associated with more than one thing at the same time, hence the multiple things Anubis is a god of.

Expect a LEGO Anubis in the near future as well!


That is beautiful.

this gon be good

This is very similar to Nasus


This is now one of my favorite LDD creations, it looks so accurate to depictions of Anubis.

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Yeah this is way better. I would've built something more elaborate like this if I had the parts but this is a great digital interpretation.

Thank y'all for your words of praise! Well it's kind of cheating owing to my "origins" isn't it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seen a few Anubis's this week! :smile:

Wow, this looks amazing. Great designs, and is the rendering from LDD? If so, that's insane shading!

The rendering is actually done in BlueRender, a third-party software package. It's fairly straightforward to use, but it somewhat lacks a simple GUI to mess around with the render settings.

Thanks for your comment :smiley:


all these egyptian stuffs

soo nice

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It looks amazing!

This is one of the most hieroglyphic accurate depiction of Anubis I've seen in a while.

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seein' a bunch of Egyption stuff lately

this is pretty spectacular

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best moc i have seen all day !

This is outstanding, extraorinary, terrific, exceptional, -insert more synonyms here-.

Seriously, I love this.

Excellent work!

I'll be right back. I have to replace my murdered pride.

I'll need some instructions for this awesome build.

wow this is pretty well built, nice work!