Anyone know what this could be?

Does anyone have any idea what this section could be?
I’m losing my mind over it.

Any ideas would be really helpful.


Given the age of this photo and the low quality, we’re guaranteed to not have a solid answer, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess it’s this piece.


44136 Bionicle Rahkshi Chest

From Barraki Mantax, It looked like they only used pieces from all six of the Barraki so I tried to compare the photo with Bricklink inventories and I’m fairly certain it may be this one, although I think it’s possible that I may be wrong, hope this helps!


I’m going to have to disagree there. There’s clearly been lots of non-Barraki parts added, like the hoses or the Pohatu Nuva claw in his stomach. I’m fairly confident that the piece is a Rhotuka launcher:

It’s the right size and shape, and unlike the Rahkshi back it’s completely smooth, matching the photo. It’s even got the slot in the side which is noticeable in the picture. If you look extremely closely, you’ll even notice a tiny yellow dot on it in the photo, which would be the Rhotaka gear piece inserted into it.


I’ve got to agree with @Mr.Monopoly, I definitley think its part of a rhotuka launcher.
but I do have one question: Drewdika? going off of the name and some of the look, they were inspired a bit by Droidekas from Star Wars



Here’s a better quality scan of him, if it helps at all. A lot of the pieces should be easier to identify.


It looks a little like a rahkshi spine backing, actually.

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I’m fairly certain that @Mr.Monopoly is correct.


That is a nuva chest piece,


I can’t see it, especially with the clearer image provided.

It almost looks like some kind of axe, but I can’t find any specific axe piece that matches.

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First, where did you get this!!! This is so much clearer! Do you have any more of the prisoners?
Second, GOSH DARN YOU! :laughing: It’s so perfect and clear that I can see so much of what I missed! Thanks, that’s actually very helpful.

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Oh yeah, here’s the whole page scanned in good quality:

It took a bit of digging, but I eventually found it deep in one of biomediaproject’s archives.


Yep that’s it, thank you!

For anyone looking at it now.
From the axle hole on the Carapar claw, there is a 2L axle with a “mata neck” which holds a sideways Nuva chest plate.


looks like a rhotuka spinner ripcord to me


I think I’ve managed to get a pretty accurate representation of Drewdika now thanks to the discussions had here. He looks pretty good but he’s a nightmare to pose unless you put friction adders at his hips.

You can also bend him down into a more dinosaur-like pose which is fun. Surprisingly he’s actually more stable in this orientation.

He’s also rather large.


Yup it looks pretty accurate.

I like the Zarnak. It looks very alien. (It’s kind of funny how you can really clearly tell some of the sets Dale owned)
The Tinnuron and Xyron are also pretty cool for their unique heads and in the Xyron’s case, a really official looking build.


@Atobe_Brick I prototyped all of them (except Drewdika, I had no idea what was going on with him). Zarnak and Xyron are amazing, stable and sturdy. Zakron is really cool, albeit an inika build crossed with a titan build. And Trinnurron is mediocre, just a modified inika build.

@Mr.Monopoly Excellent job, that looks so good! Thanks for the help!